Step 1: What’s My Name?

4 Aug

As I mentioned about a month ago, Adam and I have decided to make our own opportunities and pursue his career path as an independent solo artist. We have been busy setting goals, gathering information, and putting our creative minds to work!

One of the first items on our agenda was to decide on Adam’s official stage name. He has been going by “Adam Lee,” but there is another guitar player who goes by that name and has several websites and accounts. In addition, it is not a very unique name. Adam has chosen to go by the name everybody knows him as, Adam Shick. Yes, the last name needs to be enunciated (say it out loud and you’ll understand why), but at least he won’t be competing for space with too many other “Adam Shicks” on search engines! This change means that Adam is in the process of creating new Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, ReverbNation accounts, etc. Once we get the new official website up-and-running, be prepared for alerts to “like,” “follow,” and “sign-up” to keep up-to-date with his new music and shows.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am busy researching marketing, promotion, and other strategies for do-it-yourself musicians. I have come across some great resources! Here are my favorites, so far:

1. Ariel Publicity I love Ariel Hyatt’s blog and her book, Music Success in Nine Weeks! I’m going through it for the second time to glean all the tips and organize them in my marketing binder.

2. Passive Promotion Great advice broken down into easy to follow steps from a musician, Brian Hazard, who has tried them out already!

3. Mixtus Media A Nashville-based PR firm! They have a great blog with some useful printable resources/worksheets! This site is helpful for authors too!

4. DIY Musician Blog This blog available on is full of advice and tips for a constantly evolving industry!

I think that we have a pitch nailed to describe Adam’s musical style and his artist bio is in the works. Adam continues to record his latest songs as part of his upcoming debut solo album. We are exploring logo ideas and a photo session will be scheduled soon! I’m so excited to start working on the website!


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