The Shick Family Christmas {7 Quick Takes (#6)}

2 Jan

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday season! We had a great time with our family and friends over the past two weeks, but it was a rather eventful Christmas! In order to help me step back and laugh at the situation, I thought I’d put together a little multiple choice quiz of our crazy vacation!

Here are the choices for the questions below:
A. Adam
B. Stefanie
C. Big Sister “C”
D. Little “A”
E. All of the Above

1. After being on the road for only 2 minutes and stopping to get gas, who spotted a tire low on air that ended up having a nail in it?

2. Who had intestinal issues for most of the weekend that caused horrible, painful diaper rash?

3. Which family member spent all Christmas Day in bed due to lower back pain?

4. Who had to be taken to urgent care due to a scratched cornea caused by a pink headband?

5. Which person did all the driving and most of the loading/unloading of luggage (included 20 total hours and stops at four different family members’ houses)?

6. Who got delayed one day of traveling back to Tennessee due to winter weather in Indiana?

7. Which one had a major meltdown once we finally arrived back home that included locking her bedroom door and refusing to open it for several minutes?

Answers 1. A; 2. D; 3. B; 4. D; 5. A; 6. E; 7. C

Even though we faced some challenges, there were many blessings mixed in! First of all, Adam was able to catch the flat tire prior to us getting very far and all tires were replaced due to worn treads. Secondly, I was able to rest my back an extra day due to the blizzard that caused us to delay our drive back. Thirdly, Little A’s eye healed 99% in less than 24 hours despite a bad scratch that was visible without dye. She left the patch on an entire day without much fuss! Finally, we arrived home safely!

Be sure to check out the other 7 Quick Takes posts at Moxie Wife this week!  Thanks, Hallie!  My prayers are with you, Jen!


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