Jenn Bostic Offers Healing Through Music {April’s Dreamer in the Spotlight}

26 Apr
Jenn Bostic- Jealous

Photography by Michael Ernst

I’m so… excited to introduce this month’s Dreamer in the Spotlight, Jenn Bostic!  Hopefully, you are already familiar with her, but if not I know you’ll be one of her newest fans after reading this post and checking out her music! 

I met Jenn through my husband, Adam, who has played some shows and writers’ rounds with her over the past couple years.  I remember Adam being very impressed that she led all the artists in prayer prior to a show one night.  Jenn is a genuine, joyful person with a lot of talent and drive!  I know you’ll enjoy getting to know her in the next few paragraphs!

1. A lot of exciting things have been happening for you over the past several months!  What is your favorite accomplishment or moment so far?  

 Wow, that’s a tough question.  I feel so incredibly blessed by all that’s been happening. I had the opportunity to headline a tour in the UK & Ireland during February and March, filmed a music video for my new single “Not Yet,” and have continued to see people connect to the music on an overwhelming scale.  I think one of the most surreal moments has to be my Grand Ole Opry debut on February 16th.  It was the 17th anniversary of my dad’s passing that night and I performed “Jealous of the Angels” in his honor. I was completely humbled to receive a standing ovation that night, it’s something I’ll treasure in my heart forever.

Photography by Michael Ernst

2. “Jealous of the Angels” has been a huge song for you and meaningful to so many people.  Can you tell those, who aren’t familiar with your music and background, a little about your motivation for writing this special song?  

When I was 10 years old, I was in a car accident that unfortunately took my dad with it.  He was my hero, the first person to ever  inspire me to play music.  I used songwriting as a form of therapy to get through the pain.  Fourteen years after the accident I finally managed to put everything I was feeling into one song, called “Jealous of the Angels.”  I wrote the song with Nashville songwriters Jimmy Fortune and Zach Runquist.  When we were finished I felt this weight lift from my shoulders, thinking I had finally allowed myself some true healing.  I had no idea that people were going to connect to the song the way they have.  I thought it was too personal.  However, to my surprise it has been a beautiful journey of comfort and peace for those who have suffered loss.  It is overwhelming to see God working through this song and I feel honored that people have opened their hearts to me.

3. What is in store for you this year?  What goals do you have for your music?

This week* I’m very excited to be releasing a brand new music video for “Not Yet,” which is now available in the United States on iTunes. I’m really looking forward to hitting the road and touring my new record “Jealous,” which will be available in the states on June 11th.  It has been amazing to see people connecting with the record in the United Kingdom and I am anxious to share it in the US.  Of course the ultimate goal would be to win a Grammy someday, but as I have created new relationships with fans who have really been moved by the music, a lot of my goals have shifted from winning awards to seeing healing and inspiration on a larger scale.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens this year!

*Video was released the week of April 14th at time of interview.

Photography by Michael Ernst

4. Do you have any advice to share with those who are trying to pursue their own dreams and overcome obstacles?

Don’t be afraid to share your heart with the world.  People can see through the glitter and raw honesty has the ability to touch someone’s heart. When I first moved to Nashville I was trying to fit into a tiny little box that I thought the music industry would want me to be.  After a lot of rejection and disappointment, I made the choice to write music that inspires me, regardless of genre, expectations or what everyone around me was doing.  I can honestly say that more doors have opened since I made that decision than ever before and I have never been happier. Judy Garland said something that you can find at the beginning of my song “Change,” “Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else.”

Thanks, Jenn, for inspiring us!  Congratulations on all the great stuff you are celebrating now! 

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If you want to see Jenn live, she has an online Stageit show this coming Sunday, April 28th, at 2PM CST.  Also, Jenn will be performing again at the Grand Ole Opry on June 14th!

Special Shout-out: All of the beautiful photographs featured in this post were taken by Jenn’s husband, Michael Ernst, of Bostic Outdoor Photography!  So much talent in one couple!


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  1. Marta April 26, 2013 at 4:55 pm #

    Oo I will have to check her out on spotify which is pretty much the only place I listen to music th

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        Lord help me if I ever try and comment from my iPhone again. “These days” is what I’ve been trying to say!

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        Haha! Awesome!


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