Present in His Presence

21 Jun

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Relaxing peacefully on a lime green float in my parents’ pool, I felt the cool water flow between my fingers and the soft breeze ruffle my hair. The birds chirped, tweeted, and sang around me. I had just begun thinking about how nice it was to escape during my daughters’ nap-time to quietly enjoy the gift of nature, when I suddenly felt the warmth of the sun on my face. It was as if the clouds parted just for me and God was saying, “I’m here.”

This was a rare moment of serenity, and I soaked up every bit of it! I don’t get many opportunities to “sit in the classroom of silence,” as author Matthew Kelly says. During this hour-long vacation, it was easy to be fully present and experience God.

What’s not so easy, though, is being aware of God’s presence in the rush of everyday life.

The very next morning after my blissful time in the pool, it was back to reality! I was getting ready for work in the morning, when my four-year-old, “C”, had a meltdown in the hallway because she wasn’t able to open “Little A’s” bedroom door and say “Good morning.” “Little A” had woken up before “C” and was already eating breakfast and watching Caillou on the iPad. As I walked into the kitchen to try to calm her down, I noticed that the floor had been splattered with soggy cereal and milk due to a bowl that was dumped off of the high chair tray. Shortly after cleaning this up, I had to toss “Little A’s” favorite blanket and stained pink “Baby” in the washing machine. This resulted in crying and frustration on her part.

During this chaotic morning, I realized that God is present right now, too. This thought – this truth – allowed me to have more patience and empathy than I probably would have been able to muster otherwise.

The more aware we are of God’s presence, especially in everyday situations, the more we will be able to handle things gracefully and respond to promptings from the Holy Spirit. We are more likely to focus on relationships and not distractions. The more we live fully in the present, the more we are aware of God’s blessings. And as I discussed in last week’s post, the more thankful we are, the more joy we radiate!

How have you noticed God being present in your life today?!


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