A Visit Down Memory Lane and Lessons Learned!

25 Jul


Adam and me in 2002 – a few weeks before his move to Nashville. Back when Adam thought he was going to be going the country music route! Wow, how things change!

I’m happy to be guest posting over at Patty’s blog, Tales of Me and the Husband! Here’s a little teaser…

Tragically, in today’s society, so many couples think that if things aren’t always happy and easy, the marriage must not be meant to be and they quickly discard their vows. Newlywed Jacqueline Burkepile wrote a great post for Women of Grace earlier this month, titled Five Things No One Tells You About Marriage. In the article she discusses these points:
  • Love is not a feeling.
  • You don’t always have to agree.
  • Time with friends lessens after you’re married.
  • Quality time is important.
  • Selflessness is key.
All of these are very true and Jacqueline does a great job of expanding on them, so be sure to read her post! I have a few more truths that I’d like to add based on my own marriage experience… 
Reminder- Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow to find out who is July’s Dreamer in the Spotlight!

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