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July’s Dreamer in the Spotlight

31 Jul

“His Eye is Upon Us” by LeRone Wilson

I ran across an article a couple months ago, titled, “Listening to God Pays off for Struggling Artist,” and tucked it away for a future post.  I forgot about it, but fortunately ran across it recently and thought that I would feature this professional artist, LeRone Wilson, as this month’s Dreamer in the Spotlight before I forget again!

LeRone Wilson is a family man whose artwork is inspired by God and the Bible.  He signs all of his work, “In His Name.”  In the same article mentioned above, he comments, “It’s through Him I get my concepts and titles and through Scripture,” he says. “This work belongs to Him because He alone gave it to me.”

It’s a pretty neat story, so please read it if you have a couple minutes!