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A Look Back: Our Wedding Song!

17 Apr

While finally catching up on my blogroll the other night, I noticed tons of peeps linking up with Grace to talk about the songs they first danced to at their wedding receptions, so of course I have to get in on this action! I can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about music and marriage at the same time!

If you’ve stopped by this blog before, it’s no secret that music is kind of a big part of our lives, considering my husband is a musician and we live in Nashville. I mean, even our girls’ names are music-related!

Pretty early in our dating relationship, Adam introduced Bryan White’s How Lucky I Am CD to me and the whole thing became our, well, CD. Forget having a special song, we had 11 of them! Not including the ones he wrote for me (Man, it’s funny to hear those now)!

Adam and Stef Dancing

Anyway, we chose one of the songs on that CD to be our first dance song, You’ll Always Be Loved (By Me). Aside from the perfect (for us) lyrics, it has an amazing symphony sound that gives the song a great energy!

Here’s the chorus:

When everything is moving fast
It’s hard to stay together
I know that we can make it last
We’ll find a way to weather

Any storm heaven sends
We’ll see it through to the end
We’ll find a way if you can just believe
You’ll always be loved by me

We didn’t have any special dancing skills – we basically swayed and turned around in circles high school-dance style! (Cut us some slack! We lived 400 miles apart for three years before we got married!)

Before we even started our first dance, though, Adam surprised me with a song he had written especially for our wedding. And, yes, I really was completely surprised because he kept telling me that he didn’t want to sing a song because he wanted to focus on us and not his music, so when his groomsman handed him an acoustic guitar and two chairs were brought out to the dance floor I was genuinely caught a little off-guard!

Adam Singing to Stefanie

Adam and Stefanie

I still love this special song so much, and it’s amazing how many of these things actually came true in our life! The song is called Here’s to Me and You. (I planned to share the mp3 of this song, but due to some stupid technical difficulties and formatting issues it has became way more trouble than I ever thought it would be! If I can get it figured out, I’ll come back and update this post with the song!)

Oh, and I can’t talk about the reception without mentioning that I had Adam surprise my dad by singing Butterfly Kisses during our father-daughter dance! Tears!

Father Daughter Dance

What a fun night shared with precious family and friends! I’m excited that my brother’s wedding is less than two months away! I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and celebrate such a great occasion!

I’ve really enjoyed reading about other bloggers’ wedding songs and stories. What a fun link-up idea! So many great songs and moments!

All photos by Dejan Photography