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{7 Quick Takes #11}

15 Aug

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 228)

So it has been quite awhile since I have joined Jen and the 7 Quick Takes crew! I have so much randomness to share about what’s been going on in the Shick household so far this month that I thought breaking it down 7 Quick Takes-style would be good!



Our house is officially on the market! It’s exciting and highly stressful at the same time! Someone is coming later today to take video for a virtual tour thing and my house is going to have to be even more meticulously organized and spotless than it already is! Yikes! AND two showings are scheduled for this evening!


C started preschool earlier this week! She’ll be going two days per week. I felt like I climbed another step on the mom ladder when I made her lunch and packed it in her own cute brown and pink lunch box!


33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It- Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration

Last week, I started the 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat with several other Cathsorority ladies via Facebook. My mom had given me the book for Mother’s Day, but I hadn’t gotten around to checking it out yet, so it worked out perfectly to start this with a group! It’s going great so far!


With all of this crazy house stuff going on, I have gotten really behind with my coupon cutting – like at least 6 weeks worth of inserts piled up on me! I’ve been slowly tackling them this past week and now my least favorite part, filing them in my binder, awaits me! Fun times ahead for the weekend! 🙂


The beginning of August, Adam was gone as a tech at Lollapalooza in Chicago for nearly a week. It was the first time the girls had been away from him for such a long time! Daddy made some funny videos for the girls, which made it easier on me at bedtime! So, yeah, I kind of don’t miss the days of Adam being out on the road for 3-4 days at a time every weekend!


Changing the subject, I have a rare rant that I have to get off my chest! This week alone, I’ve been behind three different drivers who have tossed cigarette butts out their windows. I don’t know about anybody else, but anytime someone does that I feel like it is a personal “screw you!” I’m no environmental activist, but I feel it is so disrespectful to, like, the whole rest of the human population to litter. It’s not that hard to wait 10 minutes to throw your trash away or empty an ashtray!

I guess this is just a symptom of where our society is right now – selfish, no respect for life, etc…

Okay, rant over. Deep breath! Moving on…


On a happy note, I have to brag on my friend Abby of Creative Crumbs for a second! (You may remember that I featured her as my Dreamer in the Spotlight earlier this year.) She recently was invited to participate in Nashville’s first The NotWedding event at The Cannery Ballroom last month. Her delicious cake was called the “shining star of the reception” by one columnist!

Photo: All set for The Not Wedding!        This beautiful cake is decorated with handmade sugar flowers and chopped pistachios.  #nashvilleweddings #weddingcake

Photo courtesy of Creative Crumbs Nashville

Nashville peeps, be sure to vote for Creative Crumbs in Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville 2013 survey as the Best Local Cake Baker!!


Have a great weekend, everyone!


The Grand Opening of Creative Crumbs {January’s Dreamer in the Spotlight}

25 Jan

This month’s dreamer may sound familiar to you!  She was the first person featured in my “Dreamer in the Spotlight series back in August 2011!  Due to some exciting new developments, I thought it would be great to update you as amazing baker Abby Head climbs to another (cake) tier in her journey!

Photo courtesy of Nate Uhl Photography

Photo courtesy of Nate Uhl Photography

Last Saturday, Abby held a grand opening celebration for her new bakery, Creative Crumbs!  For the past several months, Abby has been doing a lot of work researching, planning, and negotiating in order to make this dream a reality!  It was so exciting to see the finished shop and I’m very ecstatic that Abby is able to do what she loves!

Creative Crumbs is an upscale bakery in East Nashville specializing in wedding, groom’s, and custom cakes.

Photo courtesy of Nate Uhl Photography

Photo courtesy of Nate Uhl Photography

In order to catch everybody up with what she has been doing, I asked Abby a few questions…

What inspired you to take Creative Crumbs to the next level?
Starting my own shop was always something I had dreamed about, but I was concerned about starting a business that would directly compete against the bakery where I had been working. I just didn’t feel like that was an ethical decision. But when the bakery that I was working at decided not to continue in the wedding cake business, that opened the door for me. It was honestly a solution I had never considered. The only two options I could see were either to quit or get fired! And neither of those was a good thing. So it was truly an example of God’s plan being bigger than anything I could ever imagine!

What “God moments” have you experienced during this time to let you know that you are on the right track?
There have been too many to count! I wish I had taken time to write down all the little moments along the way. The first one was a random encounter with an older gentleman at Starbucks. Without knowing anything about me, he asked me if I was going to start a bakery! I answered, “Well it’s something I’m considering thinking about.” He responded that that was the wimpiest answer he had ever heard and that I should either go for it or do something else! The next day, my former employer told me she was not going to continue the wedding cake business, and I knew then that it was time to make my dream a reality! Orders started pouring in, sometimes more than I could handle, and I found a location that met every single criteria I had prayed for plus more.

Abby Head greeting patrons of Creative CrumbsPhoto courtesy of Nate Uhl Photography

Abby Head (center) greeting patrons at the Grand Opening
Photo courtesy of Nate Uhl Photography

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
There have actually been two areas that have been very challenging. The biggest obstacle has been finding confidence. Since I built the company, everything is mine…my designs, my recipes, my thoughts, my “intellectual property”. If a customer doesn’t like one of my cakes, it’s hard not to take it personally. I struggle with finding a balance between caring about the business but separating it from who I am.
The other area that has been challenging has been keeping my business decisions in line with what I say I believe. Even though it’s a business, I don’t want to lose my witness. I had to decide early on what type of events I would or would not do. I’ve also really been challenged lately to return the focus back to marriage, not just weddings. There is so much focus on planning a wedding, but so little on preparing for marriage.

What has been the most exciting moment?
The most exciting moment so far was when I passed my final site inspection, and I officially received my permit to open. I still had some work to do to finish decorating, but at that point, everything was official – I was in business! I was so happy, I actually cried. I had dreamed of owning a bakery since I was 9 years old, and there I was, standing in my very own bakery! It was an amazing moment!

Photo courtesy of Nate Uhl Photography

Photo courtesy of Nate Uhl Photography

Any advice you have for others who want to start their own business?
Treat everyone with respect. I have met so many truly amazing people through this journey! The success of my business is directly related to the wonderful people God has brought into my life.

Anything else to add?
I looked back at our initial “Dreamer in the Spotlight” interview, as I had forgotten exactly what we talked about. My goal then was “to start an upscale bakery and café”. I hadn’t thought about that particular question since we did the interview, but the sign above my door now says, “Creative Crumbs, an upscale bakery”…literally a dream come true!

Thanks, Abby, for sharing your journey with us!  So many exciting things to come!  Everyone, be sure to check out her website to see photos of some of the amazing cakes that she has made!  And yes, those cupcakes in the picture above really did taste as amazing as they look!  Yum!