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Getting to Know… You {Temperament Link-Up}

6 Jul

Temperament Tuesday Link Up

I’m a little late to the Temperament Tuesday link-up with Olivia at To The Heights! Better late than never, though, right?!

I was behind in reading blogs this week and took some time Friday night to catch up, but didn’t get very far once I discovered this fun little party! I love personality tests and gaining insight into what makes people tick!

I’m already a big fan of the Enneagram – it consists of 9 personality types. I’m a Number 1 – The Reformer. It fits me pretty perfectly. My husband, Adam, is a Number 9 – The Peacemaker.

Anyway, for more about the four temperaments (Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, and Phlegmatic), why they matter, and to take the test yourself, read Olivia’s post!

I read The Temperament God Gave Your Kids last year. While reading, I also tried to think about what temperament(s) described me. The only one I was for sure able to rule out was the Sanguine temperament. I’m way too organized and introverted for that temperament! So, yeah, when I saw Olivia’s link-up about this test I got really excited about nailing down some answers- it’s the little things in life!

I took all of the different temperament tests that Olivia suggested and I got mixed results! One told me that I was a Choleric-Phlegmatic, and another said I was just Phlegmatic. So, I decided to buckle down and create a temporary CatholicMatch profile so I could access their temperament test. I actually wrote in the mandatory profile blurb that I was just joining for the personality test and I’m married and love my life! (I deleted my account when I was done!)

Back to the test, The first time I took it, I was a Melancholic-Phlegmatic, but it didn’t quite seem to fit, so then I took it again and it said I was a Melancholic-Choleric, so I think I’m a combo of the three, because just two of these together don’t completely seem to cover me!

I think the Melancholic/Choleric write-up on CatholicMatch describes me pretty well, overall, except that I’m not really that moody, untrusting, and easily discouraged. (The Phlegmatic side of me, is that I can be easy going when I need to be and I try to avoid conflict if at all possible!) Here’s what it says…

The melancholic-choleric is also a leader with the potential to accomplish great works. However, where the choleric-melancholic is driven by the challenge and the opportunity, the melancholic-choleric is inspired more by the nobility of the task. The introverted nature of the melancholic, combined with the focused and unempathic nature of the choleric, can result in an individual who is highly motivated by noble ideals (even humanitarian ones), but who prefers to work alone, rather than with people. The melancholic side of both temperament mixtures results in the project being organized, ethical, and high-minded, while the choleric aspect is the driving and demanding force.

If you are melancholic-choleric, you are somewhat less pragmatic (or utilitarian) than a pure choleric, just as persevering and determined, and with a greater emphasis on the ideal. Likely to be motivated by the most noble and demanding of causes, you are capable of founding a humanitarian society, composing a symphony, founding a school, or discovering a cure. You are organized, perfectionist, introspective, driven, and moody (though less so than a pure melancholic). You will be less active than a choleric-melancholic and less extraverted, more internally focused.

But your weaknesses include a tendency to excessive self-criticism and criticism of others, being dismissive or overly judgmental, exhibiting a tendency to self-absorption, and possessing an untrustful and controlling nature. You tend to be inflexible, can bear grudges for a long time and may be prone to discouragement. A melancholic-choleric who is not attentive to his spiritual life, and does not keep his eye assiduously on the truly important things of life can become a cross to those around him, through his nit-picking, perfectionism, disdain, bitterness, resentfulness, spitefulness when crossed, and even haughtiness.

I’m pretty sure Adam is a Phlegmatic/Sanguine or Sanguine/Phlegmatic. They both describe him pretty darn well, and I think he’d agree! Maybe I should have him make a temporary CatholicMatch profile so he can take the test, too! 🙂

Thanks, Olivia, for this fun and insightful opportunity! Considering I didn’t have time for my usual Friday morning post this week, being able to join this link-up was perfect!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


7 Quick Takes (#1)

31 Aug

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

I’m trying something new this week! I have seen so many bloggers who participate in the 7 Quick Takes link-up at Conversion Diary that I decided to get in on the fun myself! Let me know what you think!


The past few weeks I have been compiling a collection of craft supplies. My 3-year-old is obsessed with “cwaft” projects right now. She would use a glue stick all day long if I let her! “C” looks forward to our weekly Catholic ABC’s time. This weekend we’ll be discussing the letter “f.” I have a lot of the basic craft necessities to do all of these projects and now I just need to get some cheap plastic bins to organize this stuff! My husband is going to be building some shelves soon to store all of these items, so I can’t wait to have everything easily accessible in one place! I see many more hours on Pinterest in my future!


I love the new Over app for the iPad! The husband of a high school friend developed this app and it allows you to type text over photos. I’ve had fun creating captions on pictures of the girls! Warning: it can be addictive! I will be featuring it heavily in my post next Friday, so check back!

On Notre Dame campus Fall 2011


I just finished reading the book, The Temperament God Gave Your Kids. It was pretty insightful, but I think I’ll have to wait until the girls get a little older to see how their personalities develop more. I have glimpses of what motivates and triggers them, but I don’t think I know enough to identify their dominant personality-types yet. I do have my husband figured out, though (phlegmatic and part sanguine), but I was frustrated that I couldn’t fully identify with one main temperament. I felt that I had strong elements of 2-3 of the temperaments. I know us humans can’t be categorized in boxes, but I was hoping to gain some more revelations in to what makes me tick! I know for sure that I don’t have a sanguine temperament, though!


Okay, I just have to throw this one out there. It’s kind of a new pet peeve for me! Maybe some fellow bloggers can appreciate this… As I have been researching marketing strategies for Adam’s music, I have run across some amazing articles about sharing interesting and useful information with supporters and fans. Unfortunately, I’ve read a cliche’ that was used in several of them that I never want to hear again – “content is king.” Trust me, I get the importance of the point, but can’t people come up with something more original to say about it in their articles? It’s a little ironic that I have an issue with the content of articles about good content. Just sayin’… 🙂  I promise it hasn’t ruined my day, though!


Adam and I are implementing a “we can’t hear whining” policy. As any parent with a 3-year-old knows, this can wear you out! I read about a mom acting like she was incapable of hearing her child when he whined and soon that behavior decreased. It’s not like ignoring whining is a new idea or anything, but if Adam and I consistently stick to this, I’m hoping asking for things politely, etc. will be a more routine occurrence.


Adam’s parents are coming in town for Labor Day weekend! We’re excited to see them and I know they’ve been missing their granddaughters! I’m working on making my grocery list for meals for the weekend. I always seem to revert back to the same basic, simple recipes whenever I have company. A favorite meal that I like to prepare is White Bean Chili served with tortilla chips. I probably need to try something new one of these visits, but am often too preoccupied to devote brain power to it. If anyone has any simple, crowd-pleasing suggestions, I’m open!


Speaking of the weekend, it is Notre Dame’s first football game of the season! Go Irish! (I miss northern Indiana in the fall! There’s no place like home! At least our basement keeps us from feeling too homesick!)


The former man cave – now a “family cave”


Be sure to check out others’ 7 Quick Take posts today at Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend!