The Sweet Sound of Harmony

20 Jun

Adam and I had a conversation last night about how he feels like something is missing as a solo artist – harmonies. He feels that his music is not all he can offer to an audience without other voices accompanying his own. His songs are more powerful and dynamic with striking harmonies.

Adam has told me numerous times about how he loves singing harmony. He even wanted to be in a pop boy band in high school when Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, and NSYNC were popular. He loved singing in groups for high school concerts. He would arrange songs and make sure everybody knew what part they were supposed to sing.

Adam has been blessed to grow up with musically gifted parents. He played drums in a band with them and took turns singing backgrounds and lead vocals with his mother and father. There is nothing like the sound of family harmony! Adam has really been missing this and feels that God is putting it on his heart to follow this path in some way.

Adam has also always loved team sports and being part of a group. He has fond memories of playing football in high school. He almost doesn’t like to think about it because he misses it so much! He is more motivated when working with people and enjoys encouraging others. He loves learning from other people and sharing about what he knows. Of course, it is still not clear what God has in mind for Adam, but maybe Adam is getting an idea of what brings out the best in him and makes his music unique and worth listening to.

And the journey continues…Good night!


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