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An Update: Adam’s Musical Journey

26 Feb

Day 3 of 7 Posts in 7 Days with Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary!

7 day blog challenge 7 posts, 7 days

I haven’t talked much about Adam and his music on this blog lately, and since I have to write everyday this week it’s probably a good time to touch base on this topic! This is called A Dreamer’s Wife after all!

Honestly, I’ve thought about whether I should even keep that domain name, because it probably seems a little misleading to visitors who pop in and check out this site. My husband hasn’t toured for over two years. Is Adam still going to pursue music? When? On what level? How come he doesn’t have an active website? Why is he a social media hermit right now? How can someone be a successful musician with a family?

I think my husband fits the title of “dreamer” perfectly, though. He has his priorities in order and is making sure that he feels led by God to really pursue this path before diving in. In his own words, “I’m an all or nothing person”. He has been very focused on being a father, husband, and full-time engineer at Soundcheck. Obviously this leaves little room for an essential thing called TIME! I know that if God is leading Adam to share his music, it will be in a way that will not jeopardize our family.

About a month ago, though, Adam did have a sort of revelation about what motivates him. The idea of recording a CD of his songs as a legacy for his daughters inspired him to really focus on getting his project together. What a tragedy it would be for these amazing songs he has written in the past few years to go unheard and be lost forever if something were to happen to him in the near future! Whatever happens with his music outside of that, is up to God! Although we both think it would be cool for him to play Catholic conferences and events like that on occasion.

Adam is no longer motivated by getting validation from strangers about his music. Many musicians and artists are desperate for fan feedback to reinforce their worth. This is why music often overshadows anything in a musician’s life – why so many marriages fall apart. Adam finds a strong purpose and mission in his vocation of fatherhood. (Disclaimer: I know that there are amazing individuals who are evangelizing and using their gifts to spread God’s message -Adam is one of them, but many more are seeking their own self-interests.)

So, right now, Adam has begun recording his EP/album (whatever it’s going to be!) in his home studio. Gotta love Pro Tools! I absolutely cannot wait until the day comes when I can start sharing some of these songs with you all! I know that it is all in God’s timing, though, and I’m trusting in Him. He is also rehearsing for his one-hour set for Catholic Underground in April. All of you Nashville people need to mark April 26th on your calendars! We’re going to bring our oldest daughter along so she can listen to her daddy play the songs she loves!

Any prayers you can throw my husband’s way as he discerns God’s plan for him in regards to his music would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I’m coming for you, 2014!

6 Jan

motivational quote from Ana Brandt


I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions or big annual evaluations of my goals, but I am all about living purposefully this year!

Maybe the combination of turning 30 last month and facing the reality that my oldest daughter is starting Kindergarten this year has got me putting on my big girl pants. In fact, like many others (including those linking-up at Plain Grace), I even decided on a word to focus on for 2014 – intentional!

I have been working hard on my PowerSheets, a goal-planning guide created by Lara Casey, to plan the first six months of the year. I cannot recommend this packet enough! It has motivated me so much and has really helped me put my goals into perspective in light of my vision- God’s vision- for my life! If you feel like you really want to prioritize and break things down into manageable bites, check them out! These can help you out no matter what your dreams are!


My vision for 2014, and my life overall, includes:

-constantly seeking God’s will
-being thankful for his grace and blessings
-having a thriving marriage centered on Christ
-raising our two daughters to know, love, and serve Him
-using our talents to bring others to God and spread joy
-having a warm home where others can feel the love and joy of family and God
-reading, studying, and growing in wisdom and understanding

My five goals that I have chosen to put my energy into this year (and why) are:

1. Cultivate a marriage and family that continues to grow in God’s love, because that’s where true joy is and we want to shine His light and the goodness of family.

2. Create a financial plan/budget that works for our family, so that we can be good stewards of our money, save for our girls’ education, and prepare for emergencies, big purchases, and our future.

3. Create my online community, Faithful Dreamers, to encourage and inspire others to follow God’s will and dream big!

4. Be healthy, so that I can have more energy and feel good about how I’m taking care of myself for my family. I desperately need to squeeze in some exercise a few times each week!

5. Spend more time in prayer, so that I can hear God’s word, discern his plan for my life, and deepen my relationship with Jesus. This will greatly help me to be the best version of myself.

2014 is all about a year of action for me! I’m ready to put some ideas into motion and I want to do things with intention! For a peek at my Making Things Happen in 2014 vision board, click here!


What are you focusing on this year? Do you have a special word that is guiding and motivating you?

Find Your Dream

6 Dec

I’ve watched The Sound of Music a million times, but hearing the lyrics for Climb Ev’ry Mountain on last night’s The Sound of Music Live show on NBC totally got me excited in a whole new way! It’s such a beautiful song!


Climb every mountain, search high and low.
Follow every byway, every path you know.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream.
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.

A dream that will need
all the love you can give,
Every day of your life
for as long as you live.

Climb every mountain, search high and low.
Follow every byway, every path you know.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream.
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.

-Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, The Sound of Music

I love the middle part of the song, especially! Following God’s will always requires sacrifice and love. What a beautiful way to describe a vocation! I’m thankful that I’ve found my dream of being a wife and mother!

Did you catch The Sound of Music on TV last night? What did you think?

Nominate Catholic Difference-Makers Under 30!

11 Oct

During one of the rare times that I have checked my Twitter feed in the past couple of weeks, I came across an amazing “contest” via @FOCUSequip yesterday!

30 under 30: Spotlighting Top Young Catholics – Nominations

FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is looking for 30 individuals under 30 years old who are making a difference in the Catholic Church and changing the world!

This is so up my alley! Although it was hard to choose only one, I just finished nominating Tori Harris, who I featured as my Dreamer in the Spotlight in August.

I know us fellow bloggers are inspired by so many of our peers, so let’s recognize them! Please consider nominating a special young adult who is committed to allowing God to work through him/her to reach others!

I hope my excitement is oozing out of this post, because I. AM. VERY. EXCITED. about this! I love sharing and reading about people who are dreaming big and doing God’s will! I will definitely be following up on the chosen 30!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to nominate someone!!

What the Heck Has Adam Been Doing in Nashville These Past 11 Years?

6 Sep

I found one of Adam’s recordings from 2006 in my car the other week. It made me reflect on all of the ups and downs in Adam’s Nashville journey thus far. Mid-July actually marked eleven years since Adam moved south from Elkhart, Indiana at the age of 19 to pursue his dream.

While listening to this CD, I also realized that for more than half of the duration that I have been blogging (I started in May 2011), Adam has been on hiatus from his music career. Like, he RARELY gets on Facebook or Twitter anymore. He’s practically fallen off the face of the earth!

Many of you who have started following A Dreamer’s Wife in the past several months are probably like, “So, her husband is this dreamer musician guy, but what has he even done?!” Or, if you knew Adam in high school, you’re probably wondering, “Where the heck is Shick?” So, I’ve decided to put together a very rough timeline of Adam’s musical history since being in Tennessee.

Adam Shick’s Nashville Timeline

Photo Credit: Tommy Gravelle

July 2002

Adam moves to Nashville and shares a house with three other guys. Adam gets a couple of long-term full-time temp gigs to pay rent and the bills. Adam attends Nashville State Tech (now Nashville State Community College) for music technology. He quits after one semester because he doesn’t have enough money to continue with classes.

My attempt at being a “professional” photographer – ha! (2002)


Adam rents a bedroom from a chronic smoker. He stuffs t-shirts under his door to limit inhalation! He lives here for the next couple years.

May 2003

Adam gets a job at Soundcheck rehearsal facility doing cartage (delivering, setting up, and picking up gear for session musicians at recording studios). Long story short, Adam met the owner a couple of years before moving to Nashville, because the father of the owner’s wife took organ lessons from Adam’s dad. Adam decided to follow-up on this contact after a temp job at Dell ended. It just so happened that someone was just fired that day for being drunk on the job! I think this was more than a coincidence!

It is shortly after this time that Adam becomes good friends and songwriting buddies with co-worker, Mark Hull. For the next seven years, they write together regularly.

Due to having a small staff at this time, Adam often works an average of six nights per week for the next couple years. This doesn’t leave much time for getting in the Nashville scene.

June 2005
Adam and Stef wedding

Adam marries me. 🙂

Later in 2005?

Adam auditions for Nashville Star – makes it past the first two rounds.

He also writes Make Your Way Back.

A song that opens doors with some of the industry professionals named later in this post.

April 2006

Adam is welcomed into the Catholic Church!


Adam records some demos for Dean Sams of Lonestar. Dean introduces Adam to Glen Mitchell, a guitar player and aspiring artist. They hit it off and write a little bit, and Dean draws up contracts for him to produce them as a duo project. Nothing was signed by either party as this was a kind of manufactured arrangement and wasn’t really destined to work out.

Also, a session musician (who will remain nameless) who Adam met through Soundcheck takes an interest in producing Adam. He tries to get Adam and Jason Aldean’s three original band members together for a project. There is some mild interest, but Jason’s career takes off and the rest is history!

Fall 2007


Adam gets a guitar gig with a young, aspiring country singer, Emma Jacob, through a referral by a Soundcheck client.

This gig lasted through 2011. During that time, Adam became production manager and band leader. He got to travel all over the country, do radio tours, and open for acts like Charlie Daniels and Jason Aldean.

Adam, Mark, my cousin Tommy, Mark’s childhood friend Mike, a guitar player, and a keyboard player create DoubleTake, an awesome 80’s cover band! Adam and Mark were both lead singers and guitar players who would each sing a song by whatever 80’s bands or artists they had on their set list. For example, Adam sang Bryan Adam’s Run To You and Mark sang Cuts Like a Knife or Adam would sing Foreigner’s Double Vision and Mark would sing Jukebox Hero.


Here’s their promo video. (Thanks, Adam, for re-uploading it!) The plan was to do corporate parties, but this fizzled out for some reason and instead they pursued an original band so they wouldn’t have to worry about paying a keyboard player at downtown gigs anymore when nobody else was making any money!


Adam quits working full-time at Soundcheck.

Longshot Rocket

Photo by Rick Malkin

Longshot Rocket is formed. It consists of some of the same members of DoubleTake. Adam and Mark alternate lead vocals and guitar. Brent Rowan (produced Joe Nichols, Julie Roberts, and Blake Shelton) becomes interested in Adam and Mark’s songs and their project. He questions the stability and longevity of the band. Thus…

The duo, 2AM, is born. Adam and Mark play acoustic sets around town, but yet again this project dies, too, when Mark chooses not to come out on the road to play some dates on the Nashville To You 2010 summer tour. Brent Rowan becomes busy with other projects and his interest fades when an attorney gets involved and tries to encourage 2AM to negotiate different percentages on publishing and what not. (Adam majorly regrets this, as he really wanted to work with Brent!)

Adam makes the decision to try to pursue a solo career.

Adam Shick

May 2009
Holding Daddy's finger

Oldest daughter, C, is born.

Summers of 2010 and 2011

Adam on tour

Adam plays and sings for Emma and also performs as a solo artist on the Nashville To You Campground and NASCAR Tours. On this tour he gets to know THE LiNE (on The Voice in 2012) and Jenn Bostic (April’s Dreamer in the Spotlight).

Here’s a video of Adam singing his original song, Liar, with THE LiNE on the tour.

Spring 2011

Little A Coming Home

Little A is born.

Adam is still a road musician at this time and supplements by working at a relative’s gold-buying store until the tour begins.

Adam gets a wake up call about his motivation as an artist when talking to an acquaintance in the music industry. He asks Adam, “What do you want to do with your music?” Adam responds, “Make money.” He’s pretty embarrassed by the answer, but at the time, we just had our second daughter and he was thinking about supporting his family, but this was a turning point in discovering his true motivation for pursuing music.

Fall 2011

Adam starts rehearsing new material with my cousin, Tommy, and his friend, Ed. They play a couple of shows, but due to lack of time and Adam’s continued struggle with finding his right purpose, he withdraws from trying to “make it” in the music industry.

Adam, Ed, and Tommy 2012

Adam begins working full-time at Soundcheck again as an engineer for rehearsing acts. He decides to spend more time focusing on his own career, rather than go out on the road with another artist. He also wants to be home as much as possible with our family.


Adam continues to write songs, mostly by himself. (He feels that not a lot of other musicians are on the same page spiritually and priority-wise.) This new material is hopeful, positive, and truthful.

Adam also sings demos and jingles for extra income. His voice is on the radio somewhere in the country singing about eye banks in South Dakota. Yes, eye banks! True Story!

Adam is focusing on raising our young daughters while working a full-time job. He has dreams of playing/speaking at men’s conferences and championing fatherhood. He feels the time is getting close to jump back into music, but he isn’t quite there yet! Adam truly enjoys and loves our family and I’m so thankful to have this man as my husband!


Whew! This post took a lot more time than I had anticipated!

Thanks for hanging in with us! I hope you enjoyed this time traveling down memory lane!

While browsing YouTube vids, I ran across this impromptu throwback of Adam doing a cover of Stormy Monday at a hotel room while on the road. I’ll let this close out the post!

Have a good weekend!

Words of Wisdom From a Dad to His Future Son-in-Law

12 Apr

When Adam asked my father for his blessing to propose marriage to me, my dad had a little talk with him. From what I’ve been told, that talk included a discussion about what motivates people. My dad told my future husband that people are driven by one of the following:

1. Money
2. Power
3. Sex
4. Faith
5. Fame

My dad told Adam that he believed that my husband-to-be was motivated by faith and gave Adam his permission to marry me. (Thanks, Dad! Good decision!)

Engagement Collage

Adam and I have come back to this conversation several times when talking about right motivation and the way things are in the world right now. It’s so easy to see that when faith is not someone’s primary motivation, their priorities are out-of-whack, relationships are damaged, and they are ultimately unhappy. I think it can be a very helpful tool to use when making decisions to help us stay on track.

This is also useful when evaluating our goals and dreams.  Often, our dreams evolve into something else and take a turn down a different path. We grow and gain new perspectives. We get married… have kids… embrace our vocations, hopefully… Priorities shift and relationships need to be fostered. If faith is our number one motivator, then what matters to God will matter to us!

For Adam and me, the past couple years have consisted of slowly letting go of our old ideals and hopes, and learning to mold them into what God wants for us. It has been such a blessing to be able to see how our desires have aligned with God’s will for us and our family! Nothing that we can come up with on our own could ever be better than what God has in store for us! I can tell you that Adam and I are truly happier than we have ever been, even though our initial plans never materialized, because we are so grateful for each other, our children, and our faith! God is good!

I wish you true joy and peace, as well! I pray that you are open to wherever God is leading you! Have a great weekend!

Introducing fwisty! {March’s Dreamer in the Spotlight}

22 Mar
Kristen Hardin, founder of Kristen Grace Designs posing with one of her Fwisty totes!

Kristen Hardin, founder of Kristen Grace Designs, posing with one of her fwisty totes!

This month, I’m happy to be featuring fwisty designer, Kristen Hardin! She, and her husband, Ed, have been good friends of ours for awhile and we are excited to be supporting her talent and new venture!

Kristen recently started selling her fun, modern handmade bags and accessories on Storenvy.  Be sure to visit her online shop to check out all of the different patterns, colors, and sizes of bags that she offers.  BONUS: Kristen is offering a discount to all readers of A Dreamer’s Wife!  Use promotional code dreamer for 10% off your order!

Kristen also has a blog detailing her life and the adventures of starting this new business!  You can follow her on bloglovin’ and on Twitter!

I think a lot of us can relate to the desires and doubts that Kristen has faced when pursuing her dream.  Kristen was gracious enough to answer a few questions about her line, fwisty, that is now a reality!  Keep reading to learn more!

fwisty pouches

1. What inspired you to create your own line of bags?

There are really two parts to this answer. The first is that I love, love, love fabric! And seeing something super cute and functional that I made with my own hands is beyond cool. I chose bags because, come on… who doesn’t love accessories?! The other part is that I never really knew what career I wanted to have, or what job I would end up with, but I always knew I wanted to be a wife and mother. While I don’t know what our future will look like, I do know that if we want to have a few more options as far as jobs and childcare goes when we do start having kids, I need to get creative. I started reading about women who had started their own online businesses and were actually helping support their families with it! I was intrigued, to say the least.

2. How did you come up with the name “fwisty”?

I have a really sweet grandpa who started calling me fwisty as a little girl. I remember feeling so loved and important that this man who I looked up to so much had a special name just for me. I asked him recently where he came up with it and why and he doesn’t remember; I just think that makes it even better 🙂 It sounds a little silly to say at first but you get used to it 🙂

fwisty logo

3. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I think probably having enough confidence in myself is the most challenging thing. It’s really scary to put yourself and something that you’ve created out there in the world for people to see and potentially judge. I’ve learned, though, that it’s actually really good for us to get out of our comfort zone a little bit, even if it is… well… uncomfortable!

4. What has been the most exciting thing that you have accomplished up to this point?

Honestly, just having people react so positively has been the most exciting thing for me!

5. Do you have any favorite quotes, songs, books, etc., that you turn to for motivation to pursue your dream?

I’m such a sucker for quotes!
There are so many that motivate and inspire me but the one that’s coming to mind at the moment is: “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try” – Seth Godin

clutch-tote collage

Isn’t Kristen absolutely adorable, and aren’t these bags fabulous?!  Now is the perfect time to pick up a pouch, clutch, and/or tote for yourself or a friend!  The vibrant colors are perfect for the spring and summer!  Don’t forget to use promo code “dreamer” to save 10%!

Thanks, Kristen, for sharing more about your faith and courage to pursue your dream!

Embracing Our Vocations: The Key to Joy

8 Feb

work-life balance

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sometimes pursuing dreams can be selfish.

We may be so focused on achieving what we want to accomplish so that we can make more money, be recognized, feel valued, etc., that we risk damaging relationships and destroying our faith.

So, how do we know when our dreams are good or when they are detrimental to us or others?  I think the answer comes when we take a look at what it means to have a vocation.

The past few days especially, I have been thinking about this quite a bit.  It’s been a consistent topic of conversation between my husband and me as we navigate what God is calling us to do.  And guess what?  I received a newsletter from DynamicCatholic.com this past Saturday with a special message from Matthew Kelly regarding this exact thing.  Here is what he wrote:

The Peace and Joy of Unique Ability

A few nights ago my little girl, Isabel, came into my office at home after her bath. With a huge smile, she walked over, grabbed my phone, held it to her ear, and said, “Call me, daddy!” I played along for a few minutes and then she came over, got up into my lap, buried her head in my chest and gave me a big hug. It was one of those times when I was able to be completely in the moment… and I was happy.

If I think back a few years, I was not so happy. I wasn’t unhappy. I loved my work, but something was missing. I didn’t have the deep peace and joy I have today. What was missing? Vocation. We talk a lot about it, but too often our talk is sterile and dispassionate. But vocation really is a thing of beauty. It is that thing that helps us make sense of everything. It is the feeling of finally being at home in our own lives. It is that place where your unique ability explodes usefully. It is the thing of great worth.

It also requires tremendous work.

How are you doing with your vocation? This Lent, I would like to encourage you to either search more rigorously for your vocation or give your vocation another look and recommit to it. Take it to the next level.

The world and the Church need more people who love life and live it with passion and purpose. Vocation animates us – brings us to life. Vocation fills us with a peace and joy that is immeasurable if we embrace and dedicate ourselves to our call.

Pretty powerful stuff!  Being an involved parent and spouse requires a lot of sacrifice, but it is also extremely fulfilling! This is exactly why my husband Adam tells people that he is the happiest that he’s ever been!  I’m sure the same can be said for anyone who has responded to God’s call for their life.  This is where we find our purpose, passion, and as Matthew Kelly stated, “peace and joy.”

Maybe, though, you are still saying “What is a vocation or how do I know what my vocation is?”  I did a quick little Google search to find a definition and stumbled upon the website Vocation.com.  While it is geared to those contemplating religious life, I found a great little article worth sharing titled, Is it a vocation or a job or a profession?  Below are a few paragraphs…

[…] when we use the word vocation we introduce a vertical dimension into our life, especially into our thinking process and decisions, since the point of reference when we talk about vocation is God’s will – what we believe he is calling us to do with our life, the purpose for which he created us as it relates to the salvation of our own soul and the salvation of others. So a vocation is not something you switch out of on a whim, since it is not something you go into lightly. In following a vocation the main question is: What does God want? and not: What do I prefer? So it would be a major mistake to approach a vocation to the priestly or consecrated life, or to marriage, thinking only of ourselves and not being willing to commit ourselves to it, “for better or for worse” because we know God wants us to see it through.

And so, if there is ever a conflict between our profession and our vocation, it is always the vocation that has to win. A married person who knows that a career opportunity that opens up to him will most probably destroy his marriage must opt for his marriage vocation even if the price is his career. A baptized doctor who risks losing his license if he refuses to do certain immoral procedures will follow his Christian vocation and even at the cost of his medical career. A priest who is a great success in a particular field of ministry and is asked by his bishop to serve in a different area must follow his priestly vocation which includes obedience to his bishop, rather than his “success” in a particular field.

I think the key when evaluating our dreams, is to always be sure that our aspirations are under the umbrella of our vocation.  Just as the article above mentions, if our goals are at the expense of living out our vocation, then they must be abandoned or reconstructed.

For us personally, the re-working of goals is why many of you may have been wondering why Adam’s website isn’t up yet or why we haven’t been promoting any new songs.  In addition to a lack of ample time, we have been going through a process of identifying priorities, finding nuggets of truth and wisdom, and assessing how everything fits in with our vocation of helping each other get to heaven and raising holy children.  I firmly believe that God wants to use Adam’s musical talents to reach people, but just how that all is going to happen  is still in the works!  I have already seen how much grace and peace he has given us especially in the past year, so even though the road ahead is a mystery, I have no doubt that we are on the right path.

When we stop trying to do things our own way and embrace God’s plan for our life, we will find true joy that is unattainable anywhere else!

5 Ways to Encourage Your Husband to Dream (And Why)

9 Nov

Having dreams is what makes life tolerable. – ‘Pete’ on Rudy

Spouses often balance each other out.  One is a spender and the other is a saver.  One is a planner and the other is more of a free-spirit.  One is a dreamer and the other is a realist.  These differences can be good for providing an alternative perspective and they can also be challenging when making decisions.  One is not always right and the other is not always wrong.  Being able to acknowledge and submit to each others’ strengths can be powerful, and dreaming together can make your marriage unshakeable.

Here are my 5 ways to encourage your husband’s dreams and the benefits it will have on your marriage:

1. Listen.  This is simple and vital. It can be very discouraging when someone discounts what you have to say or acts like they don’t even want to hear it.  Imagine if you excitedly started telling your best friend a great idea, only to have her act with indifference or doubt – it would probably put you in a pretty bad mood and maybe deter you from sharing things in the future.  Our opinion means a lot to our husbands whether they say so or not.  Don’t give your husband a reason to shut down.  Giving him time to share his ideas and goals can inspire hope, and show that you truly care about what is important to him.

2. Pray.  This is obviously a very important step when discussing future plans.  A key part of determining whether or not dreams are worth pursuing is to evaluate if it is part of God’s will.  Lysa TerKeurst, founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, offers a great 5-question reference to use to figure out if God is prompting us to action.  Often times God will ask us to do things that may not make logical sense or are uncomfortable for us, but when both spouses seek to do what He asks, it builds a solid marriage and foundation for whatever lies ahead.

3. Support.  A wife’s encouragement (or lack of) can be powerful.  I once read in a book something like this, “Be your husband’s number one cheerleader or someone else will.”  When our husbands feel supported by us, they feel valued and have more confidence.  Also, when men can spend time and energy doing what they love, they are happier.  And *bonus* this translates into a more gratitude-filled home environment.  Your husband will probably return the favor to help make things a little easier on you!

4. Participate.  Personally, I never had much trouble with being supportive, but once I showed an interest in actually helping my husband achieve his dreams our relationship grew even stronger.  I guess this is an example that “actions speak louder than words.”  This teamwork mentality has carried over to helping each other out more around the house and with our daughters.  We don’t spend time comparing who did more or who is working harder, but strive to find ways to make life better for the other person (most of the time)!

5. Pursue your own dreams.  What would you like to accomplish or, rather, what is God putting on your heart?  When we discuss and pursue our own goals, we also motivate our husbands to do the same and we will be more open to encouraging their pursuits.  If a couple is looking to God to direct their steps then these dreams will be compatible.  (I discuss this idea more here.)  What’s more inspiring than two people hoping, praying, and working together?!  Your husband will thank you, your relationship with God will be deeper, and your marriage will grow stronger than ever!

I know that I’m in my late-twenties and I’ve only been married seven years, but the above points are just a little bit of what I have discovered, especially in the past year.  Our marriage is far from perfect and we are constantly learning and growing, but as long as we are evolving together and focused on God, then I know we will be alright!

Do you have a story to share about how you have seen the benefits of dreaming together in your own marriage?  Any challenges?

What’s Holding You Back from Pursuing Your Dreams?

1 Nov

Many of us have a mental list of places that would be nice to visit, jobs that would be ideal, and things that we’d like to do.  It seems that too often, though, that’s exactly where those dreams stay – in our mind!

As a married, full-time working mother of two, I know the challenges that come with finding the time or the motivation to pursue, let alone even think about, my dreams and goals.  I know that there are seasons in life and I need to be present in whatever phase that I am in, since God has me there for a reason!  I also believe, though, that God gave each of us talents to use to aid the world and I need to be open to whatever He is calling me to do.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can often dismiss promptings from the Holy Spirit or over look seeds that God may be planting in our hearts for the future.  We may be distracted by too much time on social media, held back by fear of failure, or worried about what others’ will think of us. Fortunately, we can choose how to respond and address these obstacles!

Whether it’s spending a few minutes in silence on the commute to work to listen to God, starting a journal, or choosing to read an inspirational book instead of watching television, there are minor changes we can make in our daily routines to be more open to God’s will and discovering His plan for us!

To read about one way that I have carved out more time in my day to devote to my family and my personal goals, check out my first guest post at Life Happens When!  I love Leanne’s blog and am excited to be a part of it!

What sacrifices or changes have you made in order to grow in faith and work towards your goals?