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What’s Keeping Me Away From My Blog? {7 Quick Takes #13}

28 Mar

I’ve been itching to spend more time writing and reading others’ posts this month, but so much has been going on! And work started getting a little crazy a couple weeks ago so my brain is on overload right now! Happy to be joining Jen and co. for some Quick Takes!

I decided to share what has been keeping me so busy in March (and it wasn’t just filling out my tournament bracket)!


One of the main things that I have been devoting my time to recently is helping my husband get his website going! He finally has a little space on the internet! There are a couple songs on there, but they still need to mastered and all. I’m just excited that adamshickmusic.com is live! AND I’m excited that the logo I created over a year and a half ago is being put to use!

Adam Shick Music



So far most of the seeds that I started indoors have sprouted! When I took this photo last week, I was still waiting on more than half of them to pop out! I spent a lot of time researching before committing to starting a small raised-bed organic vegetable garden this year, so that definitely consumed time at the beginning of the month.




 As you can see below, my attempt at nicely organizing our almost 3-year-old’s potty progress throughout the month of March was quickly abandoned! After a stubborn stretch of not wanting to go, she turned a corner yesterday and decided that she really wanted to wear her princess underwear! Let’s hope it continues! 20140328-194237.jpg



One of my goals for the beginning of 2014 was to add some more flair to my home decor, so that our house feels extra welcoming and joyful. After having two babies in the past 5 years, I really haven’t had time to care too much about how the house looks! I made the kitchen wall decor below with scrapbook paper and utensil vectors I found on the internet for free!




Every week consists of cutting and filing coupons and checking out great sales at Kroger and Publix. Ya know, making sure the family has food to eat is kind of essential on the priority list! And so is saving money! I did score 2 4-packs of toilet paper for 10 cents each and Huggies wipes for 20 cents each among other deals this week!




We have also been working on getting our oldest daughter into Kindergarten at a nearby Catholic school. She was accepted earlier this month! I plan to post more on our decision making process regarding her education soon…


Although so much has been going on, I have to give major props to my rock star husband! He is with the girls often during the day before he goes to work in the evenings and I don’t know what I’d do without him!

See these towels below?! Yeah, he folded these for me!


See the dishes below? Adam hand-washed those. (Something he does regularly I might add!)


Oh! And he also knocked out some arts and crafts with the girls this week! He found this little project all on his own! He sent this photo to me while I was at work!



My life is full and I am blessed! Now hopefully in April I’ll be able to squeeze in A LOT more time following my blogroll and writing these posts ideas that are piling up! Have a great weekend!




Goal Planning for March: Gardening, Lent, and Potty Training

28 Feb

Have I mentioned how much I love Lara Casey’s PowerSheets on this blog yet? I think I have at least three times, already! Seriously, though – amazing!

I spent part of yesterday evening preparing for the new month and, of course, Lent, since it’ll be here, like, immediately. March will be full of potty training my almost three-year-old, putting together Lenten activities for the girls, and planning my youngest’s birthday. I know that Holy Heroes and Catholic Icing will be helping me out a lot! I really want to make homemade soft pretzels!

The big project that I’d like to tackle as the weather warms up is starting a small garden. I’m a little hesitant about this since I tend to kill plants and we have a ton of squirrels in our neighborhood, but I would really like to be able to grow some vegetables in our own backyard! I think the girls would absolutely love helping with the whole process! It just seems like a win-win-win! Healthy+Inexpensive+Educational! I plan to keep things as simple as possible. We’ll see how it all works out!

Photo source: A Bird and A Bean

The above image is the one I see in my mind with our girls, but I’m sure it won’t look so pretty in reality! I ‘m sure there will be dirty hands and clothes. And I know for a fact my girls won’t be wearing dresses while watering the garden!

One of the things that I mentioned in yesterday’s 7 Quick Takes post is that I want to put Facebook in it’s place during Lent. Maybe only get on once per day for 5 minutes or something like that. Or only check it on Sundays. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I want to handle it. I think I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this, because I haven’t really checked it much at all in the past week. I’m really impressed with Emily who posted the other day about how she totally deleted her account because she felt she was spending way too much time on there.

I haven’t been doing too hot in regards to my exercise goal so far this year. I started exercising at the end of January and then a week later three out of the four of us in the house came down with the flu, so that pretty much halted my short-lived progress in that area. I think with spring just around the corner, my motivation will get a boost!

I can’t believe this is the 6th day in a row of posts for me! Speaking of March, I probably won’t have anything left to talk about for the rest of the month now! Only one day left in the 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge with Conversion Diary and Co.!

What sorts of goals are you working on this year?! Any great Lenten ideas/activities that you do in your family?

Five Favorites (vol. 19)

5 Feb


Last month, I wrote about my goals for 2014! This week, I’m writing about five of my favorite things that are helping me to be intentional and achieve these goals!

Home Budget App

HomeBudget with Sync

Finally, we found something that makes it as easy as possible to categorize and track spending! I love that this syncs between my iPad and both of our iPhones!

7-Minute Workout

This is a great little interval training video and something that I can totally fit into my schedule at least few times per week! Seven minutes is better than nothing, right?


Study the Gospels in a Year

I started receiving daily readings in my inbox in December, but you can still join and start reading now if you haven’t already signed up!


The Word Among Us

My parents bought me a subscription for Christmas! I love the daily meditations in this Catholic devotional magazine!




I’ve mentioned these amazing planning sheets a couple times already on this blog, but it’s worth sharing in a Five Favorites post! I highly recommend these for anyone who wants to be purposeful and make sure their goals align with their priorities! I totally adore Lara Casey, who created this amazing system!


Have a great rest of the week! Check out Hallie’s and the other lovely ladies’ Five Favorites at Moxie Wife!!

I’m coming for you, 2014!

6 Jan

motivational quote from Ana Brandt


I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions or big annual evaluations of my goals, but I am all about living purposefully this year!

Maybe the combination of turning 30 last month and facing the reality that my oldest daughter is starting Kindergarten this year has got me putting on my big girl pants. In fact, like many others (including those linking-up at Plain Grace), I even decided on a word to focus on for 2014 – intentional!

I have been working hard on my PowerSheets, a goal-planning guide created by Lara Casey, to plan the first six months of the year. I cannot recommend this packet enough! It has motivated me so much and has really helped me put my goals into perspective in light of my vision- God’s vision- for my life! If you feel like you really want to prioritize and break things down into manageable bites, check them out! These can help you out no matter what your dreams are!


My vision for 2014, and my life overall, includes:

-constantly seeking God’s will
-being thankful for his grace and blessings
-having a thriving marriage centered on Christ
-raising our two daughters to know, love, and serve Him
-using our talents to bring others to God and spread joy
-having a warm home where others can feel the love and joy of family and God
-reading, studying, and growing in wisdom and understanding

My five goals that I have chosen to put my energy into this year (and why) are:

1. Cultivate a marriage and family that continues to grow in God’s love, because that’s where true joy is and we want to shine His light and the goodness of family.

2. Create a financial plan/budget that works for our family, so that we can be good stewards of our money, save for our girls’ education, and prepare for emergencies, big purchases, and our future.

3. Create my online community, Faithful Dreamers, to encourage and inspire others to follow God’s will and dream big!

4. Be healthy, so that I can have more energy and feel good about how I’m taking care of myself for my family. I desperately need to squeeze in some exercise a few times each week!

5. Spend more time in prayer, so that I can hear God’s word, discern his plan for my life, and deepen my relationship with Jesus. This will greatly help me to be the best version of myself.

2014 is all about a year of action for me! I’m ready to put some ideas into motion and I want to do things with intention! For a peek at my Making Things Happen in 2014 vision board, click here!


What are you focusing on this year? Do you have a special word that is guiding and motivating you?

What’s Holding You Back from Pursuing Your Dreams?

1 Nov

Many of us have a mental list of places that would be nice to visit, jobs that would be ideal, and things that we’d like to do.  It seems that too often, though, that’s exactly where those dreams stay – in our mind!

As a married, full-time working mother of two, I know the challenges that come with finding the time or the motivation to pursue, let alone even think about, my dreams and goals.  I know that there are seasons in life and I need to be present in whatever phase that I am in, since God has me there for a reason!  I also believe, though, that God gave each of us talents to use to aid the world and I need to be open to whatever He is calling me to do.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can often dismiss promptings from the Holy Spirit or over look seeds that God may be planting in our hearts for the future.  We may be distracted by too much time on social media, held back by fear of failure, or worried about what others’ will think of us. Fortunately, we can choose how to respond and address these obstacles!

Whether it’s spending a few minutes in silence on the commute to work to listen to God, starting a journal, or choosing to read an inspirational book instead of watching television, there are minor changes we can make in our daily routines to be more open to God’s will and discovering His plan for us!

To read about one way that I have carved out more time in my day to devote to my family and my personal goals, check out my first guest post at Life Happens When!  I love Leanne’s blog and am excited to be a part of it!

What sacrifices or changes have you made in order to grow in faith and work towards your goals?

The Year of Faith: Living Without Fear

21 Sep

Usually January 1st marks the annual time to contemplate goals and make resolutions, but in a few weeks many Catholics will begin a new year of sorts that will consist of challenges to learn more about the Catholic faith, grow deeper in a personal relationship with Jesus, and evangelize. The Year of Faith begins October 11, 2012 and lasts until November 24th, 2013. The Note with pastoral recommendations for the Year of Faith  from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the Vatican’s website details different events and opportunities for celebrating, as well as explains more about what the Year of Faith entails.

The Year of Faith is intended to contribute to a renewed conversion to the Lord Jesus and to the rediscovery of faith, so that the members of the Church will be credible and joy-filled witnesses to the Risen Lord in the world of today – capable of leading those many people who are seeking it to the “door of faith.”

I’m really excited about this upcoming Year of Faith, especially since I recently came across the idea for living “A Year Without Fear” in the book She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice. I feel like the two “years” match up very well. In order to live without fear we must step outside our comfort zones and put our trust in God. It is a daily choice to let go of our false sense of control and say “Yes” to what God asks of us – whether big or small. The best way that we can share the true peace and joy that faith offers is through our actions and interactions with others.   I think Saint Francis of Assisi said this best.

Preach the gospel at all times — if necessary, use words.

As those who are familiar with this blog know, I am passionate about pursuing dreams and following God’s plan. The Year of Faith will be a great time to re-evaluate how we can use our God-given talents to serve others. When people see how joyful we are about what we do (because we truly enjoy doing what we love), it will speak more to convert hearts to Christ than anything we can say.  Understanding our faith should not be minimized, though, since it is the foundation for what we do and is necessary in order to explain the reason for our joy to others.

My plan for the upcoming year is to continue to look for opportunities and not use obstacles as excuses to live an “average” life. I want to continue to grow in my faith and be open to possibilities I never would have considered to be options in the past. I want to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit when He moves me to act or say something. I plan to enhance my faith by spending more time reading scripture and books about following God’s will!

How do you plan to embrace the Year of Faith?  What does living without fear look like for you?

Cheering for the Underdog Part II

29 Aug

To expand on my previous post,  I think there are two additional keys (besides hard work and determination) to achieving our dreams and pursuing the path God has for us: right motivation and another person’s belief in our God-given abilities.  This is how we pursue being the “best-version-of-ourselves,” to quote author Matthew Kelly.  And this is how we will find true joy in this life.

First of all, we need to be motivated by good things; not money, fame, materialism, etc.  I’d like to share some lines from Rick Warren’s Daily Hope devotional blog on August 11, titled “Make the Most of Your Talents.”  In this post, he writes:

Are you using what He’s given you for the benefit of others to make the world a better place? Or are you just using those talents to benefit yourself?

When God gives you a talent, he expects you to use it. It’s like a muscle. If you use it, it will grow. If you don’t, you’ll lose it. If you have a talent but are afraid to use it, or if you get lazy and don’t use it to benefit others, you’re going to lose it. Like the parable of the ten talents in Luke 19, if you don’t use what God has given you, he will take it away and give it to someone else who will.

But if you use your talents wisely, God will give you more. If you use your time wisely, God will give you more time. If you use your energy wisely, God will give you more energy. If you use your influence wisely, God will increase your influence. God will bless your level of faithfulness.

God has a purpose for each of us, but we  need to trust Him and be open to using our gifts however He calls us.  When we try to do things on our own terms on our own time-frame, we will find ourselves on the wrong track.  We may have things that the world defines as success, but we will still feel lost.  With God, we can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  He gave us our talents and He wants us to use them.  Believing that God wants us to follow our dreams, is what keeps my hope in Adam’s musical career alive!  God would not give Adam all of these musical gifts and the passion that he has just to squander it.  (Of course, how things will work out is a mystery, but we know there is a plan!)

I mentioned above that there is another key factor in achieving our goals and dreams: support of another person.  Since I talked about Rudy in my last post, I’ll stick with that here.  Most people in Rudy’s life, including his family members, thought that his dream of being a football player for Notre Dame was not a realistic goal.  Rudy had one best friend, Pete, who encouraged him, though.  Pete’s tragic death prompted him to go for his dream, despite the many obstacles in his way.  It could be that without the support of his best friend, he never would have had the courage to do what others thought could not be done.  Now, everyone loves the amazing story of Rudy Ruettiger and how he accomplished the seemingly impossible.

Adam and I were talking about underdog stories yesterday, and he pointed out that a lot of people only root for the underdog when they start to see success.  People want to hop on board after a lot of the hard work has already proven to pay off.  It seems that we are so quick to dismiss dreams, because they aren’t practical or “realistic,” and it’s hard to believe what cannot yet be seen.  But once a dream comes to fruition, we want to share it and be associated with it.  How much better would the world be, if we encouraged each other to pursue our skills and talents even when things look impossible?!  Let’s be dream “ENcouragers,” not “DIScouragers!”

Have a great week!

Planting Seeds

26 Jul

Last week, the wheels started turning in my head after my last blog post to start a new “series” within my blog about others who are pursuing their dreams, too.  I often get goosebumps when I hear about people’s personal stories of how God is speaking to them and working in their lives.  I get so excited and passionate about this that I thought it would be a great opportunity to hear more stories and share them for all of us to gain inspiration.  It is refreshing and motivating to be reminded that God truly cares and has a purpose for each one of us.

One thing that significantly influenced this idea was a CD that I listened to of a talk by a woman named Mary Vogrinc entitled, Saying Yes to God; One Mother’s Journey.  She shared some stories about caring for fifty-four foster children over the years and moments where she had to put her trust in God.  One thing that she said, in particular, made a big impression on me.  She talked about how God plants seeds in our soul for the future.  In her own life, she shared how she found an  18-month old baby abandoned in a car of a pharmacy parking lot when she was a teenager.  The baby survived a day in a hot car with no  food or water and was turned over to the Department of Children and Family Services.  Who knew that later she and her husband would be foster parents?!

If you are pursuing God’s calling for your life or know somebody who is following their dreams, please email me at adreamerswife@yahoo.com.  I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see how God is working!  I will be sharing my first “Dreamer in the Spotlight” post very soon!

Update on Adam’s Musical Journey:  Adam will be auditioning for “The Voice” this weekend.  Do you think it is a coincidence that his gigs were cancelled this weekend and then found out today about the Nashville auditions?!  I guess we will find out… He is in the process of figuring out which songs that he wants to sing for the producers/judges.  Please pray for him on Saturday!

Campground Tour Begins

27 May

Adam leaves tonight to go on the road for the first weekend of the summer.  He is part of the Nashville To You Campground Tour for the second year.  Adam will be playing guitar for a couple of female artists and will be playing some new original songs as well.   It will be quite an adjustment again, since Adam has been off the road for the past 6 months.  It will definitely be difficult for our 2 year old – maybe more so for her daddy!

For more information about concert dates, check out www.nashvilletoyou.com/Events.php.