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5 Lovely Reflections for Mothers of Girls

1 Apr


Over the past month, I have come across some very insightful posts about the importance of mothers sharing authentic beauty, truth, and joy with their daughters.  All links below are worthy of your time! These reflections are great reminders and definitely inspirational!

Linking up with Hallie and ladies at Moxie Wife this week!


Talks With Our Daughters -Treasures from the pages Part 1.

Theresa Thomas shares some great wisdom from the book Talks With Our Daughters by Sister M. Eleanore. There is so much truth and wisdom in Sister’s writing. I will definitely be printing this and sharing with my girls when they are older. I can’t wait until Theresa posts Part 2!


Finding Balance

This post by Melissa Michaels at (in)courage reminds us to make sure we are living with intention and focusing on serving God instead of being dragged down by to-do lists. It’s definitely something that most women struggle with, I’d say!


10 Powerful Prayers to Help You Fight for the Heart of Your Daughter

This PDF of ten short prayers based on scripture that Lysa TerKeurst put together is another great resource! I definitely want to incorporate this into my daily prayer time!


Little Girls, Get Up! Get Up and Eat.

Someone shared this post by Glennon of Momastery on Facebook today. It’s another great message to make us mothers pause and reflect!


10 Things to Bring Peace, Joy, and Silence in the Midst of One of “Those” Weeks

Mary Wallace wrote this post for CatholicMom.com today. I definitely went through one of “those” weeks last week at work. Mary offers some great ideas of things we can do to give us a little silence and/or stress relief!


Five Favorites (vol. 20)

25 Feb


Day 2 of 7 Posts in 7 Days with Jennifer of Conversion Diary! I’m linking up with Hallie and ladies at Moxie Wife! Here are some of my recent, random faves!


Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a favorite (yet), but I am excited about Private Lives of Nashville Wives on TNT! I’m mostly interested in following Bryan White and his wife. He is one of Adam’s musical idols! AND his How Lucky I Am CD was basically our dating soundtrack and we danced to “You’ll Always Be Loved By Me” for our first dance at our wedding reception! Plus, I’m always interested in anything that has to do with Music City!


Have you checked out FOCUS’ 30 Catholics Under 30 List yet?



I just started using the Evernote app a few months ago, and I LOVE it! Why did I wait so long to try it out? It’s a list-maker’s dream!


I’ve seen this movie so many times, but I haven’t watched it in awhile! I think I’m going to pull this one off the shelf soon! Cue Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me”!



Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world! ūüôā

Five Favorites (vol. 19)

5 Feb


Last month, I wrote about my goals for 2014! This week, I’m writing about five of my favorite things that are helping me to be intentional and achieve these goals!

Home Budget App

HomeBudget with Sync

Finally, we found something that makes it as easy as possible to categorize and track spending! I love that this syncs between my iPad and both of our iPhones!

7-Minute Workout

This is a great little interval training video and something that I can totally fit into my schedule at least few times per week! Seven minutes is better than nothing, right?


Study the Gospels in a Year

I started receiving daily readings in my inbox in December, but you can still join and start reading now if you haven’t already signed up!


The Word Among Us

My parents bought me a subscription for Christmas! I love the daily meditations in this Catholic devotional magazine!




I’ve mentioned these amazing planning sheets a couple times already on this blog, but it’s worth sharing in a Five Favorites post! I highly recommend these for anyone who wants to be purposeful and make sure their goals align with their priorities! I totally adore Lara Casey, who created this amazing system!


Have a great rest of the week! Check out Hallie’s and the other lovely ladies’ Five Favorites at Moxie Wife!!

Five Yummy Slow-Cooker Recipes!

23 Jan

It’s no secret that it has been CO-OLD around the country over the past couple weeks, so a warm meal that makes the whole house smell delicious is extra appealing and satisfying during this time of year! Plus, I love easy, inexpensive recipes! And, bonus, apparently January is National Slow Cooking Month!


Here are some of my tried-and-true favorites!!


Chicken Taco Soup

This is more like a chili, than a soup, and it is delicious!!! It has a little kick to it, so beware!!


Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Slow Cooker Loaded Baked Potato Soup

I used the recipe I linked to above as my base and made some tweaks, such as adding some diced carrot and celery and eliminating the butter. I also used milk instead of cream and it turned out just fine. I’m a potato-freak, so I love this soup! And who doesn’t love bacon and cheese?!


BBQ Pulled Pork

My go-to cheap, big-crowd meal! Instead of using a tenderloin like the recipe calls for, I use a less expensive cut of pork such as a pork shoulder or Boston butt roast. I have literally spent about $5 on 4-5 lbs of meat and fed over 10 people. The secret to tenderizing the meat is root beer! And, like some reviewers suggested, I always use Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Sour BBQ sauce. It has a good flavor with the root beer! Yum!


Slow-Cooker Baked Chicken

Baked Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

This chicken has turned out so well in the crock pot. It starts falling apart when I plate it! It’s the perfect way to make chicken to shred for a soup or casserole recipe or eat as is. You can add carrots underneath, in addition to potatoes wrapped in foil to make a whole meal. And you can make homemade chicken stock with the leftover bones!


Slow-Cooker Tex-Mex Chicken

Slow-Cooker Tex-Mex Chicken recipe

This can be eaten served over rice or wrapped up in a tortilla! It’s easy to overcook the peppers, though, so I’d just watch the time closely the first time you make this!

I’m always on the lookout for more great slow-cooker recipes, so please share one of your favorites in the comments!



I’m linking up with Hallie and Co. at Moxie Wife! Come join us!

My Five Favorite Books of 2013

2 Jan

I know that I’ve been MIA most of the past month, but I was so busy with all that comes with preparing for Christmas that blogging just never really made it to the top of the priority list! It’s a new year, though, and I’m ready to get back to it!


I’m joining Hallie and others at Moxie Wife¬†this week for a Five Favorites post of my top reads for the past year!


The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic 
by Matthew Kelly

I love Matthew Kelly and this book is so practical and filled with so much truth. I love the prayer process that he outlines. Click here to check out some of my favorite quotes from the book!


Running For My Life
by Lopez Lomong

This book is definitely one that alters your world-view. US Olympic Athlete Lopez Lomong’s journey from a refugee camp in Sudan to a life in America is so inspiring. God’s hand in his life is evident throughout the book and speaks to the truth that God has a purpose for each of us.


One Thousand Gifts
by Ann Voskamp

This is such a beautifully written book! Voskamp definitely inspired me to be thankful for every tiny blessing that may typically be taken for granted or go unnoticed. It’s also a great reflection on the gift of grace.


33 Days to Morning Glory
by Fr. Michael Gaitley

Along with many others who have gone through this retreat, I highly recommend this book to consecrate, or re-consecrate, yourself to Mary! Who better to shape and mold our hearts for Jesus than his mother?! (Thanks, mom, for giving it to me this past Mother’s Day!)


My Life With the Saints
by Fr. James Martin

I really enjoyed reading how various saints impacted Fr. Martin. It really inspired me to want to grab a few biographies of saints and dig a little deeper! I already have a few on my “to-read” list, some of which he recommended in the book!


I can’t wait to read so many more books in the coming months! Some of which include finishing Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship, Finding God’s Will For You by St. Francis de Sales, and Our Lady of Kibeho by Immaclee Ilibagiza.

What books impacted you this past year? What do you want to read in 2014?

Five Favorites (vol. 17)

6 Nov


It seems to be all I can do to even type up a Five Favorites post lately! Other things keep climbing to the top of my to-do list! I’m happy to be linking-up with Hallie and crew today!


Melaleuca Sun Shades Mountain Mint Lip Balm

My mom gets this mint-flavored lip balm for me every Christmas! It’s the creamiest treat for your lips –¬†ever!


Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino

Since these babies have been Buy One, Get One FREE lately, I’ve been treating myself these past couple weeks! Once again, my mom is the one who introduced me to the deliciousness that is Bolthouse Farms! Hurry to Kroger this week¬†before they’re all gone!


CMA Awards Tonight!

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this awards show, because Adam and I aren’t really digging the state of country music right now. (Check out this Entertainment Weekly article for more about “Bro Country”!) Anyway, the show is in Nashville and Adam is working backstage, so I gotta watch! There are always a few moments that make it worth it!

Anybody else watching right now?


What Should I Read Next?

I ran across this website in a magazine earlier this week. It’s a great way to find other titles based on the author or book that is entered into the search box.


My brother is moving to Tennessee!


My younger brother, Jeff,¬†has lived in California for the past 8 years and just sold his house! He and my dad will be hauling his stuff here over the course of the next week! I’m praying for a smooth trip! It’ll be good to have him home for good!


Hope everyone is having a great week! God bless!

Five Favorite Uses for White Vinegar!

19 Aug

Keep Your Change

I love cheap and simple solutions!

About a year ago, I discovered the awesomeness that is white vinegar! I buy this stuff by the gallons now, because I use it so much! Here are my five favorite uses for white vinegar!



If you are making a recipe that calls for buttermilk, but don’t have buttermilk on hand, just add a little vinegar to regular milk! The pancakes that I make every Saturday morning are made this way and they are fluffy and delicious! I like to substitute wheat flour for half the flour and mix in chocolate chips!


spray bottle

White vinegar, water, and a squirt of dish soap in a spray bottle is my favorite go-to multi-purpose cleaner! It’s excellent for glass and stainless steel, especially when cleaning with a microfiber cloth! I have a poor sense of smell, so the vinegar doesn’t really bother me, but my husband can’t stand the smell! Fortunately, it dissipates quickly!



Baking soda combined with white vinegar makes a great de-clogger and deodorizer for drains. Just poor some hot water in after!



One part vinegar and three parts water makes a good rinse to clean the dirt off produce.



I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve recently heard that white vinegar can be sprayed on weeds instead of using costly chemicals to kill them.


I know there are so many more uses for vinegar, and I’m discovering more all the time! It is definitely a must-have staple in my house!

Happy Tuesday!


Be sure to check out Hallie and the other ladies for the Five Favorites link-up this week!

Five Favorites (vol. 13)

7 Aug


I’m joining up with Hallie and gang for another Five Favorites! Join the fun!


Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash I Recipe

I baked this yummy squash recipe for the first time last week! It was such a quick and easy way to throw together a meal!


Windex Outdoor All-In-One

¬†My mom told me that this tool did a great job on outside windows, so I borrowed it for some of our hard-to-reach ones that can’t be cleaned by tilting them in, and it worked amazingly well! I highly recommend using this for an easy way to clean outdoor windows!


Land’s End Women’s Sleeveless Cotton Modal Fit and Flare Dress

This dress is so comfortable and figure-flattering. It’s such a great go-to, no-fuss dress! One of my new favorite clothing items, for sure!


Vanilla Honey Shake

Vanilla Hunny Shake

Simple and delicious!


Realtor.com App

iPhone Screenshot 5

I love this free app for house hunting! It’s a nice quick way to keep tabs on the latest houses that go on the market via my iPhone!

We have an appointment with our real estate agent this Friday! So our house should be up for sale very soon!!! All of the little projects and the deep cleaning is almost done! Now I’ll just have to pull my hair out trying to keep everything in perfect condition with two young kids and a dog!

Have a great week!

Five Favorites (vol. 12)

17 Jul


This is going to be one quick Five Favorites post, but I’m¬†happy to be joining Hallie and the other fabulous ladies who are linking-up!¬†I’m in the middle of getting our house ready to go on the market, so time for blogging is in short supply right now! Here goes…


Edy’s Outshine Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars

Creamy Coconut

I wasn’t sure what I would think about¬†coconut bars¬†at first, but these are perfect¬†on a¬†hot summer day! Yum!


 The Cost of Discipleship

I’ve been a huge¬†Dietrich¬†Bonhoeffer fan¬†ever since¬†reading Eric Metaxas’ biography, Bonhoeffer, last year. I’ve just started to read this well-known¬†book by Bonhoeffer, thanks to my dad who surprised me with¬†it a few weeks ago! We’ll see how much time I actually have to read now that we’re busy getting our home ready to sell!


 Prepare Your Home for Sale Checklist

I’m in the midst of de-cluttering, storing, and cleaning! I decided I better make sure I’m not forgetting anything, so I found this great checklist! It would¬†work great for spring cleaning, too! Not that doing all of these things are my favorites, but I’m all about checklists!


 Noteshelf App

iPad Screenshot 4

I love this iPad app. It’s great for creating a variety of notebooks for all different purposes. You can type, draw, highlight, etc.¬†I downloaded it when it was on sale for¬†$1.99. Right now it costs $5.99, so you may want to wait for a sale. I haven’t used MagicalPad yet, but it seems to be pretty similar and is FREE!


Chicken Bow-Tie Pasta Salad

Chicken Bow-Tie Pasta Salad recipe

This is a Kraft recipe, but I actually didn’t use anything Kraft-brand to make it! (Boo Kraft! I’m not a big fan ever since I started trying to be more conscious of incorporating more preservative-free foods in my family’s diet.) My husband grilled a whole bunch of chicken breasts for me last week, so I used those in this great pasta dish! It’s really quick to make and can be eaten warm or cold.¬†It’s a¬†great summer meal or side dish!

Have a great week, everyone!

Five Favorites (vol. 11)

1 Jul


It’s time for another Five Favorites with Hallie!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago, that I was in the middle of reading Matthew Kelly’s The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic. I have now finished it, and there were a handful of quotes that really stood out to me, although most of the book is highlight-worthy! So, here are five of my favorite passages from this book!











I just love all of these quotes – so inspirational and so true!

Have you read The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic yet? What inspired you?