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Five Favorites (vol. 10)

18 Jun


Happy to be back for another week of Five Favorites with Hallie!


MAKE UP FOR EVER 5 Camouflage Cream Palette

MAKE UP FOR EVER - 5 Camouflage Cream Palette

I usually don’t spend a lot of money on makeup, but one of my must-have items is this concealer pallete. I bought it nearly a year ago and will still be able to get several more months of use out of it! I love how all of the colors are in one compact – salmon to neutralize under eye circles, green for red areas and blemishes, and skin tone shades. There are some great YouTube tutorials out there and those videos are actually what convinced me to invest in this product. I’m glad I did!


PB&J Smoothie

Recipe: PB&J Smoothie - 100 Days of Real Food

This recipe is delish! It sounds kind of weird at first, but it is one of the best smoothies that I’ve had! My husband thought it was a little too peanut butter-y for his taste, but I had no problem with it! My girls loved it, too! I even snuck some spinach in there and it still tasted amazing!


Clearblue Fertility Monitor

I’ve been doing Natural Family Planning now for about eight years. Two years ago, after my second daughter was born, I decided to invest in the Clearblue Fertility Monitor as an extra measure to make sure I was reading my signs of fertility and infertility correctly. I am pretty aware of my bodily symptoms, but sometimes I’d forget to take my temperature at a certain time or whatever and my chart would be a little incomplete. I love that there is a three-hour window each morning to, er, tinkle on a stick so it can check hormone levels. I’m sure several women reading the post are familiar with this, but for more information on how to use this product for NFP, check out the Marquette Model.


The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

I’m currently reading this book by Matthew Kelly, one of my favorite authors/speakers! I love what he is doing with The Dynamic Catholic Institute! Anyway, I’m about halfway through the book and there are so many great passages worth highlighting, as is common with many of his books! I really love what he has to say about prayer. I’ve been reading/listening to some great stuff on prayer lately and plan to do a post in the near future about this essential element of pursuing God’s will!


Speaking of prayer, here is a great visual metaphor…



Have a great week!

5 FREE Father’s Day Printables!

11 Jun

Keep Your Change

I’m always on the look-out for cute, easy, and inexpensive sentimental gifts! While searching for Father’s Day ideas for my husband from our two little girls, I found some great printables that I’ll be holding on to for future years! Below are five of my favorite FREE Father’s Day printables that I stumbled upon online! (And since they’re free, this is a perfect post for my Keep Your Change series!)


Father’s Day Photo Collage & Printables from Positively Splendid 

Detailed step-by-step instructions listed. There are also additional names to choose from instead of just Daddy.


Free Download: A Book For Dad from Eighteen 25

All that is needed to create this project is a 4×6 photo book, ribbon, and a stapler! BONUS: There’s also a downloadable book for Grandpa, too!


Father’s Day Handprint Tree 2013 from The Crafting Chicks

I’ve seen this one all over Pinterest, so you may have already, too!


Father’s Day Subway Art from Pink Ink Doodle

The printable is available in 8×10 and 5×7 sizes.


Father’s Day Questionnaire Printable at The Crafting Chicks


Five Favorites, hosted at MoxieWife.com

I’m also linking up again with Hallie this week! Be sure to check out everybody else’s five favorite things and join up, too!

Five Favorites: Tennessee-Style (vol. 8)

4 Jun


It’s been three weeks since my last Five Favorites post, so I’m excited to be joining up again with Hallie and several other ladies! Inspired by my recent getaway to Gatlinburg, I decided to do a special Tennessee-themed post! It was hard to pick just five!


The Smoky Mountains


It’s so nice to live only a 4-hour drive from these beautiful mountains! It had been six years since our last vacation to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, so it was nice to finally get back! Waking up to a gorgeous mountain view every morning was so peaceful, and much needed. I think we’re going to try to go annually from now on… we’ll see!


Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline photo: Nashville Skyline nashville.jpg

I never get tired of driving downtown, because I love the view, especially at night! The “Batman building” is iconic!


Sweet Tea



Of course sweet tea isn’t just a Tennessee thing, but there’s not a place you’ll go where you can’t order sweet tea down here! Being from northern Indiana, sweet tea was not something I grew up drinking! I’ve recently started making it myself instead of just buying it from the store.

I came across a great tip the other day! Add a pinch of baking soda to the boiling water and it will cut the bitterness of the tea and erase the cloudiness from adding sugar! YUM!




Although Nashville is a little soap opera-y (entertaining for sure, though!), I have enjoyed watching the first season because it’s so fun to see all of the places around town that they feature. As I’ve mentioned before, Adam works at Soundcheck where they filmed a lot of scenes. The logo can be found in many episodes, too!


Crucifix at St. Joseph Church


St. Joseph Church in Madison, TN is the parish that I attend. As you can see in the above picture, we have a gigantic crucifix behind the altar. It is so beautiful and awe-inspiring! This photo doesn’t do it justice!

Interestingly enough, when my family and I visited Nashville on vacation when I was in eighth grade, this was the church that we went to for Mass. Little did I know that I would move down here and attend this parish about seven years later!


I hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for stopping by today!

Five Favorites vol. 7

14 May

Five Favorites, hosted at MoxieWife.com

Another Tuesday is here, which means it’s time for another Five Favorites link-up with Hallie! If you haven’t joined yet, you should!


Catholic Underground is an event geared towards young adults that is active in some other big cities in the U.S. and even Europe! If you haven’t heard of it before, click here to read more about it!

Adam and I first heard about Nashville Catholic Underground through a friend who suggested Adam should play a show. Fortunately, we were able to go check it out this past Saturday! The evening began with Eucharistic adoration and ended with a concert in the basement of St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows, which is the oldest church still standing in Nashville! Adam is going to play a show when the new season starts up after the summer!


Buy the EP now!

Another cool part about making it out to Catholic Underground the other night, was that I met up with a fellow Nashvillian and Catholic musician, Tori Harris.  I ran across her blog last fall and recently saw that she released her EP at the beginning of this year. I saw this awesome article on EntreCatholic.com last week and mentioned it on Twitter, which led to a conversation about when we should meet-up. How convenient that Catholic Underground was the very next day?! Has to be a Godincidence, right?!

Be sure to check out Tori’s EP, Adoremus, which is available on iTunes! I got chills a couple times while listening in the car the other morning!


I love this eyebrow kit from Bare Escentuals! I never realized how much filled-in brows can really enhance your make-up look until I started using this powder a few years ago. It looks natural and very little product needs to be applied, which makes one jar last a very long time (like, years)!


Could this homemade scrub be any easier?! I made some as a gift for Mother’s Day. My hands felt very smooth after using it!


Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quote

 I absolutely love these words by Bonhoeffer! I used to just try to “be good.” Now, I’m really trying to listen to what God wants me to do. I’m continously growing every day and I live life with much more energy and purpose! For more of my favorite inspirational words of wisdom, click here!


Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

Five Favorites vol. 6

29 Apr

Five Favorites, hosted at MoxieWife.com

It’s that time again! Another Five Favorites post with Hallie! Let’s get to it!


Catholic ABC’s


I’ve mentioned this Catholic Preschool Curriculum created by Lacy Rabideau of Catholic Icing a couple times before on this blog, but I wanted to share it again. The Grotto craft pictured above is one of my favorites that we’ve done!  My three-year-old has really enjoyed this and we only have two letters left!



I’m currently reading this book by John and Stasi Eldredge. I first heard about it when I interviewed the co-founders of Dignitas Magazine last summer. Captivating is such a great book about embracing our true femininity and beauty as women.


Jenn Bostic

Jenn Bostic- Jealous

Did you catch my special Dreamer in the Spotlight feature on this talented, genuine artist? Her story is so inspiring and so are her songs! Check out “Jealous of the Angels.” It has over a million views on YouTube!


Winning the Culture War

I love Lighthouse Catholic Media! My mom gets the CD’s every month and now she runs the program at our church. I recently listened to Winning the Culture War by Dr. Peter Kreeft. It was so spot on and so true! I think I said “Amen” out loud a few times while listening in my car!


Mint Chip Shake with Spinach!


This Sneaky Healthy Mint Chip recipe has been making the rounds online and on Pinterest. I tried it out this past weekend substituting organic vanilla ice cream for protein powder or vanilla yogurt, and the girls and I both loved it. (Although, I overdid the peppermint extract a little bit!) I’ll definitely be putting spinach in my smoothies more often now. I need any trick I can use to get my two-year-old to eat her vegetables right now!

Five Favorites vol. 5

16 Apr

Another week of my latest five faves with Hallie of Moxie Wife!


Draw Something

iPhone Screenshot 3

So, yeah, I’m a little obsessed with this app right now, thanks to my sister-in-law. Not only is it fun to guess others’ drawings and draw for others, but it has been a great way to keep connected with long-distance family members! Sometimes we need to text each other for hints, because some of us (ahem) aren’t the best drawers in the world! I use the free version, which includes ads, but there is also a paid version available without ads.


The Children’s Place Slim Utility Pants

I have had trouble finding pants that don’t hang off of my soon-to-be four year old daughter. So I was excited when I bought her a pair of slim pants online and they fit her perfectly! The utility pants pictured above can also be cuffed and buttoned to make capris!


Popsicle Molds

I recently bought the Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds to replace the nice Tupperware set that my mom passed down to me, because we accidentally threw a few of the reusable handles in the trash! I love making inexpensive, healthy frozen treats for the girls. Plus, it keeps them busy and quiet for a few minutes!


The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe EVER!

Adam’s 29th birthday cake by Creative Crumbs

Seriously, don’t look any further for your go-to chocolate cake recipe, because there is no need! My friend, Abby Head, of Creative Crumbs shared this, and everybody who has tasted this cake says it is amazing! She used this recipe for the football/music cake above!


Coral Nailpolish


Tropix + Iced Coral Layers of CND Shellac

When the weather gets warmer, I’m always ready to brighten up my nailpolish!  I’m loving this combination of colors to create a fun, shimmery coral shade!  Now, if I can just figure out how to better manage my cuticles!

5 Inexpensive Beauty Buys {Keep Your Change vol. 2}

9 Apr

Keep Your Change

This Keep Your Change post is all about saving money on beauty tools and make-up!  The five listed below are my current cheap favorites!


Facial Scrub Brush

A product thumbnail of Bath Secrets Facial Cleansing Brush

This is definitely a great, inexpensive tool for those of us with skin issues! I buy the Face Secrets Professional Facial Cleansing Brush at Sally Beauty Supply for $2-$2.50, depending on whether or not it is on-sale.  A facial scrub brush was recommended to me by a co-worker who has an aesthetician friend.  She also recommended Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash to use with the brush.  My face feels so clean afterwards and it really helps get my make-up off!  A brush lasts for 2-3 months before needing to be replaced.


Revlon ColorStay Foundation

For the past several years, I’ve used BareMinerals foundation, but realized that it probably wasn’t covering my acne scars as much as something else could.  I decided to try a liquid foundation again, along with a stippling brush.  I’ve found that applying the foundation with a brush enables me to use less product, which translates into more savings! Revlon ColorStay typically costs about $13, but it can often be found on-sale.  Recently, I was able to score a few for $6 each with a sale and a coupon!


Rimmel Mascara

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara is just under $3 at Target.  I first tried it when I had a store coupon and manufacturer coupon that brought the price down to $.99.  I discovered that I like this mascara more than many other brands I’ve tried that cost at least twice as much!  Keep an eye out for Rimmel coupons in your Sunday paper!


Revlon Frost & Glow

Revlon Frost & Glow

 After my youngest daughter was born, I let the highlights grow out of my hair because spending money on color was one of the few things I could actually cut from our family’s budget.  After about a year-and-a-half of blah-ness, I decided to get brave and buy the Revlon Frost & Glow Blonde Highlighting Kit.  It’s relatively fool-proof, although it is a little challenging to pull the strands of hair on the back of my head through the cap myself.  I have managed to use this kit pretty successfully twice so far, though.  At about $7-$8 for a kit, I don’t mind spending an evening every few months to brighten my own ‘do!


Palladio Rice Powder

This is the latest addition to my make-up collection!  I first heard about Palladio Rice Powder on MakeUp Geek.  It costs about $5 and can be bought at various stores.  I use a soft powder puff to apply it and it seems to be doing a good job of setting my foundation and absorbing oil throughout the day!


I’m also linking up with Hallie of Moxie Wife this week.  Congrats, Hallie, on your newest addition! Please be sure to check out the other Five Favorites posts and if you have a blog, be sure to join the fun!

What are your favorite inexpensive beauty buys?  Any of these that you think you’d like to try?


 For more money-saving posts, click here!

Five Favorites (vol. 3)

25 Mar

It’s time for another Five Favorites post with Hallie of Moxie Wife!  Hallie’s little one is (over)due any minute, so now she’ll have six favorite sweet peas, instead of just five!  Thanks to Jen @ Conversion Diary for filling in this week!

Here are my latest faves!



clutch-tote collage

If you read my Dreamer in the Spotlight post the other Friday, you already know all about my friend Kristen’s handmade accessory line, fwisty.  I just love her choice of fabric patterns and colors!  She’s offering 10% off orders with the code dreamer!


I started shopping at Publix when I began using coupons because they always have so many BOGO deals!  It’s a nice bonus that all of the employees are super friendly and helpful!  I just found out that Publix now offers digital coupons in addition to printable coupons!  So if you have a Publix in your area, be sure to sign-up!  (Please note, though, that their digital coupons do not double like regular coupons.)


Easy homemade gift!

Cookie Jar Housewarming gift

I needed a gift to take to my cousin’s housewarming party the other weekend, so of course I checked out Pinterest for some ideas and found this one!  I bought the glass cookie jar for $10 at Target and made some homemade chocolate chip cookies and tied a little tag with some pretty wired ribbon!  It’s so simple, but the presentation makes it very classy!  I’m definitely using this in the future!


More 2 Life

My husband is addicted to listening to podcasts, so I guess it’s about time that I got on board, too.  I ran across More 2 Life radio on someone else’s Five Favorites post a couple weeks ago and decided to check it out.  This radio show features Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak and is based on the Theology of the Body.  I really like it and have been listening to the podcasts while working at my desk.


Jeff Pinyan’s words about heaven.

(He wrote the paragraph below the following Q & A text from YOUCAT as part of Read the Catechism in a Year: Day 147)

Question 158: What is heaven?

Heaven is the endless moment of love. Nothing more separates us from God, whom our soul loves and has sought our whole life long. Together with all the angels and saints we will be able to rejoice forever in and with God.

If you have ever observed a couple looking at each other lovingly or seen a baby nursing who looks for his mother’s eyes as though it wanted to store up every smile forever, then you have some inkling of heaven. To be able to see God face to face—that is like one, single, never-ending moment of love.

Isn’t that absolutely beautiful?


Have a great day, everyone!  Don’t forget to read everyone else’s Five Favorites posts!

Five Favorites (vol. 2)

13 Mar

I’m excited to participate in the Five Favorites link-up again this week with Hallie at MoxieWife! If you haven’t joined in the fun yet, you should! It’s so much fun to read everyone’s favorites and discover new things and common interests!


My brand-new CND Shellac kit!


I’m definitely considering this my splurge purchase of 2013! I sold some of my Silpada jewelry from when I was an independent representative, so I could invest in this kit to do my own Shellac nails at home! Even though it is pretty expensive (at least I scored it at the lowest price I had ever seen two weeks ago), I know it will last awhile and it is sooo worth it to not worry about chipped nails for 2 weeks straight!  When I did this for the first time the other night, it was weird to not have to wait for my nails to dry!  LOVE IT!


My Life with the Saints

I’m almost finished with this insightful book by Fr. James Martin. It has been very interesting to read how specific saints have had an effect on his life and vocation as a priest! It has motivated me to read more biographies on the saints.


My little pomeranian’s latest pet bed!

This entire dog bed is machine washable! What’s not to love?!


Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara II

First of all, I love Allrecipes.com! I recently made this Spaghetti Carbonara dish for the first time and it was delicious and easy! AND both of my girls ate it up mixed with some peas!


90-Day Bible Reading Challenge


I’ve always struggled with consistently spending time in scripture. I was happy when I found out about the 90-Day Bible Reading Challenge put together by Sarah Christmyer to celeberate The Year of Faith in the Catholic Church. This daily e-newsletter started in January, but all of the posts are available in the archives on the website. I may not get to each reading every day, but I manage to catch up and hang with the timeline for the most part. After this, I hope to consistently keep up with daily readings on the Laudate app.

Five Favorites (vol. 1)

5 Mar

I’m excited about joining Hallie’s Five Favorites link-up at Moxie Wife tonight! Sometimes there are things I’d love to share, but don’t know quite where they’d fit in, so this allows me to be a little random and have some fun!


My latest DIY rosette wreath!


I found this tutorial online at The Ribbon Retreat and customized it! I’m thinking about actually hanging this one on the backdoor in my kitchen and making another one with black and white flowers for the red front door..


My comfy Notre Dame sweatshirt!


This was a Christmas gift from my husband and it is like wearing a soft, cozy blanket! It’s my new go-to item to wear on Saturdays (and maybe Sunday afternoons, too)!


My Makeup Geek Deluxe Foundation Stippling Brush!


I am so glad that I started using this MUG brush to apply my liquid foundation! It works very well and I can actually get away with using less product! Marlena, founder of Makeup Geek, posts great makeup tutorials and helpful tips, too!  If you’re interested in learning more about the stippling technique, click on the link above to view the brush and you’ll see her tutorials!


My girls’ kiddie table!


We got this Step2 New Traditions table and chairs set for the girls for Christmas! I love how big the table top is and it is very easy to clean! The girls use it all the time!


My naps with my 3-year-old daughter!

I live for my weekend naps with “C”. It’s so nice to get a few hours of extra sleep on the weekends. I’m going to miss when she gets older and I can’t cuddle up with her (and three of her favorite stuffed animals) anymore!