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Find Your Dream

6 Dec

I’ve watched The Sound of Music a million times, but hearing the lyrics for Climb Ev’ry Mountain on last night’s The Sound of Music Live show on NBC totally got me excited in a whole new way! It’s such a beautiful song!


Climb every mountain, search high and low.
Follow every byway, every path you know.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream.
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.

A dream that will need
all the love you can give,
Every day of your life
for as long as you live.

Climb every mountain, search high and low.
Follow every byway, every path you know.
Climb every mountain, ford every stream.
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.

-Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, The Sound of Music

I love the middle part of the song, especially! Following God’s will always requires sacrifice and love. What a beautiful way to describe a vocation! I’m thankful that I’ve found my dream of being a wife and mother!

Did you catch The Sound of Music on TV last night? What did you think?


Nominate Catholic Difference-Makers Under 30!

11 Oct

During one of the rare times that I have checked my Twitter feed in the past couple of weeks, I came across an amazing “contest” via @FOCUSequip yesterday!

30 under 30: Spotlighting Top Young Catholics – Nominations

FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is looking for 30 individuals under 30 years old who are making a difference in the Catholic Church and changing the world!

This is so up my alley! Although it was hard to choose only one, I just finished nominating Tori Harris, who I featured as my Dreamer in the Spotlight in August.

I know us fellow bloggers are inspired by so many of our peers, so let’s recognize them! Please consider nominating a special young adult who is committed to allowing God to work through him/her to reach others!

I hope my excitement is oozing out of this post, because I. AM. VERY. EXCITED. about this! I love sharing and reading about people who are dreaming big and doing God’s will! I will definitely be following up on the chosen 30!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to nominate someone!!

Interview with an Everyday Catholic: Theresa Thomas {June’s Dreamer in the Spotlight}

28 Jun

Theresa Thomas
Source: The Integrated Catholic Life

I am so honored to be featuring Wife/Mother/Home-schooler/Writer Theresa Thomas, as this month’s Dreamer in the Spotlight! She is the co-author of the recently released book, BIG HEARTED: Inspiring Stories from Everyday Families and blogs at Theresa Thomas~Everyday Catholic. She also writes articles for The Integrated Catholic Life and Today’s Catholic.

A funny thing that I have to share is that while preparing to do this interview, I discovered that Theresa’s family and my family actually went to the same small parish at the same time until I moved to Tennessee. When I saw her beautiful family photo on her blog some members looked familiar, but I didn’t make the connection until I discovered that she lives in South Bend, Indiana. It’s a small world for sure! I often marveled at how well- behaved all her children were during Mass!

Anyway, without postponing this inspirational interview any longer, here it is! As you’ll see, it’s packed with great wisdom and touching moments!

How do you balance writing, homeschooling, and caring for a large family?

Well, it’s like golfing. You aim toward the pin (set your goals) then you hit the ball where it lies (roll with the punches). If you think too much you’ll ruin your swing (rhythm, routine). You have to find your own personal feel, react decisively on instinct and be natural. Yes, I’m married to a golfer. 🙂

Seriously, balancing these things can be like a tightrope walk, but the best way I’ve found to approach it is with love and humor. Things go wrong sometimes- that’s just life. Also, I’m going to make mistakes- we all make mistakes- but just diving in, trying hard with focus, keeping a smile on my face and love in my heart (even when the rice spills all over the floor or I can’t find my car keys or someone loses her spelling book, or one of the girls informs me that her toe poked through her ballet slipper and her instructor said she has to have new ones by next class in one hour) is my best advice and the way I balance!

I try always to put family first. I made a vow to my husband and to God. So everything –and I mean everything- comes after my responsibility to them. That being said, taking care of myself is part of that- it’s important because I’m no good unless I’m well nourished and rested. Moms can only give what they have, so I try to take the time to eat well, exercise, pray and get enough sleep. I do that for all of us. 🙂 I wrote about this all here.

Raising a large family is a challenging endeavor. Children need attention in a myriad of ways. Meals have to be made. The house has to be cleaned. My first responsibility is my vocation of wife and mother, and homeschooling is part of that vocation, a chosen part of that vocation so it is integrated into our daily life.

Photo by Scott Leonard of Valentino's Photographics (Granger, IN)

Photo by Scott Leonard of Valentino’s Photographics (Granger, IN)

Writing mostly comes early in the morning or late at night, when everyone is in bed. I have a column due each month for Today’s Catholic and I try be organized and write ahead, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say sometimes I’ll have a noon Friday deadline and it’s 11:25 and I’m still punching out at the computer! That’s just life! Because of the topics of my writing, I’m often invited to speak on various radio programs. Twice I’ve forgotten a scheduled interview and had to wing it. Once was at 6:50 a.m. and I was actually still in bed when the phone rang. I jumped up and seeing the caller ID was the radio station, I cleared my throat about six times before I answered. I scrambled around while it was a commercial and I was able to quickly make some coffee while the producer was putting me on hold for the host. Once we got talking the interview actually went fine but boy, was my adrenaline pumping at first! So, am I balanced? Sort of. Most things get done, although not always perfectly! And thank goodness for radio where you can do interviews in your pajamas. 🙂

In regards to homeschooling—

David and I determined after much research, prayer and discernment 18 years ago that God was leading our family to homeschool (until high school), and it takes 100% of our time. Homeschooling is a way of life. It’s a way we parent. It’s just part of the rhythm of our days, and one way we try to say ‘I love you’ to our children. Homeschooling isn’t for everybody, but it is for us, and I believe that somehow it is an important part of my children’s formation for their eventual mission in the world.

God gives different families different charisms, different gifts, and as parents we are to discover God’s will not just for us and our children individually, but also for our individual families. I believe that homeschooling is part of what God is calling our family to do. Other families have other callings. This is ours.

I struggle just the same as everyone else with balancing work and play in a large family. My house is not always in order, and worries and concerns pop up here just like everywhere else. Sometimes, like any other mother I slump down in a chair and look up to heaven and ask, “Really, God?” One day, in the midst of a particularly trying day, I sat down at the kitchen table and started laughing hysterically- nothing more could have gone wrong that day and it was the only thing left to do. One of the girls walked in and I’m sure was like, “Mom has lost it.” No, that’s how I find it- peace that is. You have to be able to laugh. Life is ironic and funny and challenging, sad and sorrowful and a million other things. There’s time for seriousness for sure, but knowing when to laugh keeps levity and right perspective.

Being a mother is like being a baby who is learning to walk- you try, you fall, you get up and try again. It’s the only way, really. You just keep moving forward with joy and hope. Then one day you’ll be standing there and look back and say, “Hey, I did that!”

How would you define what it means to be big-hearted, especially in the context of family life?

Being big hearted is a way of thinking and acting. It is putting others first. We have a few little favorite catchphrases in our family. One is “it is a privilege to serve.” Ten and twelve-year-old big sisters know this when their little sister asks for a drink of water. Big brothers know this when a younger sibling asks if they’ll play catch. My older sons who have graduated from college and are out of the house are great. They will phone or text their younger siblings to find out what is happening in their lives and give advice and encouragement. Being big hearted is looking out for others ahead of yourself, and that starts first with siblings and family, and extends out to the rest of the world.

Being ‘big hearted’ doesn’t necessarily mean having a big family- it can mean that of course, but families are big hearted when they welcome a child with a disability, adopt, open their home to grandparents, or in a thousand other ways serve others. Being big hearted can be doing small things in the home with great love. Big-hearted families are easy to spot. They are not perfect. They simply try to love radically. Inevitably, these families are marked by joy. Their hearts are open. We can all be big-hearted.

You shared some great personal stories of your own family in BIG HEARTED. Could you share another special big-hearted moment that wasn’t in the book?

Well, I don’t frequently share that I battled cancer eight years ago, but I did. I was personally challenged to big-heartedness in April of 2005. I had to accept the cross that was offered to me. On April 5, 2005 I gave birth to my ninth baby. Within two weeks, my 20-year-old youngest brother was killed in a car accident, and the day of his rosary at the funeral home I went in for a biopsy. Two days later I was diagnosed with cancer- Hodgkins lymphoma to be exact. The story of part of my struggle was published here.

Through this experience I was challenged to be true to my Catholic faith and reject artificial birth control. It wasn’t easy.

On a lighter note, one personal family big-hearted moment occurred recently when my husband and I were sitting in the family room after dinner together. Our two youngest daughters surprised us by calling us in the basement to visit their ‘restaurant’. Of course we dropped what we were doing and went downstairs. Children need the gift of our time and when we gave it to them that night, we were really the ones who were blessed. The whole story of that is here.

Being big hearted is not just doing amazing things outside your own family, but by doing little things with great love inside the family too. Parents can be big-hearted daily simply by giving their children their time and attention. They will find that that type of big-heartedness reaps big rewards.

Do you have a favorite book, quote, song, or movie that motivates and inspires you?


File:It's A Wonderful Life.jpg

Source: Wikipedia

It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my all time favorite movies. What a gift to be able to know what your sacrifices and love have done for others! I think some day in heaven we will all look back and see the ripple effect we had on others’ lives, both good and bad. This movie is great on so many levels- it has a hardworking, feminine, beautiful loving mother (Mary), a selfless, honorable, full-of-hope-and-dreams father (George). It’s a story of integrity, hope, love and meaning. It captures so much about what life is all about. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is truly a big screen big-hearted story!

I have several favorite quotes:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:13)

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” (Mother Teresa)

“Do small things with great love.” (I think this has been attributed to several sources including St. Therese and Mother Teresa)

And this, which I’ve had taped on my wall for many many years.

“Let nothing disturb thee. Let nothing dismay thee. All things pass; God never changes. Patience attains all that it strives for. He who has God finds he lacks nothing: God alone suffices.” -St. Teresa of Avila


Thank you, Theresa, for sharing so much of yourself with us today!

For more about BIG HEARTED, please read Theresa’s interview with Randy Hain.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

10 More Inspirational Quotes about Following God’s Will!

10 May

As I mentioned in my original 10 Inspirational Quotes about Following God’s Will post, I love collecting words of wisdom! I’m back again with some more to share! Please feel free to add your own favorites in the Comments section! I’d love to read them!

10 Inspirational Quotes about Following God's will

1. Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously and actively doing God’s will. -Eric Metaxas

2. Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. -St. Francis de Sales

3. For me to be a saint means to be myself. Therefore the problem of sanctity and salvation is in fact the problem of finding out who I am and of discovering my true self. -Thomas Merton

4. There are no ‘ifs’ in God’s world. And no places that are safer than other places. The center of His will is our only safety – let us pray that we may always know it! -Corrie Ten Boom

5. For each of us, there is only one thing necessary: to fulfill our own destiny, according to God’s will, to be what God wants us to be. -Thomas Merton

6. Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do–then do it with all your strength. -George Washington

7. We can only learn to know ourselves and do what we can – namely, surrender our will and fulfill God’s will in us. -St. Teresa of Avila

8. Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire. -St. Catherine of Siena

9. God doesn’t require that you succeed, he only requires that you try. -Mother Teresa

10. We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

**UPDATE: This post originally assigned the first quote to Dietrich Bonhoeffer in error.  It is now corrected to reflect the actual author, Eric Metaxas.

How Well Do You Know Your Guardian Angel?

3 May


My fascination with angels began at age 11 when I had a brief supernatural experience at a cousin’s house. I woke up one morning to see two silent, somewhat-transparent figures standing with their backs toward me. One had short brown hair and the other had long blond hair, and they appeared to be wearing white robes. I remember feeling afraid that they would turn around and I just kept chanting, “Please help me God, please help me God.”  My cousin, who also saw the figures, darted back under the covers while I remained frozen and stared at them.  It wasn’t until I turned on the bedside lamp that they disappeared. I’m not sure if they were ghosts or angels, but I like to think that they were angels! 

Since then, I’ve always loved to read any story or watch any show that is about personal encounters with angels!  I had a well-worn Guideposts for Kids magazine that was all about angels from cover to cover. My conscious awareness of my guardian angel has come and gone over the years, though,  but my passion for angels was recently reignited again!  Just as I talked about the importance of the Holy Spirit a few weeks ago, our guardian angels can be powerful aides in helping us do God’s will.

Last week, I listened to a CD titled Angels Explained: What You Should Know About the Nine Choirs by Dr. Mark Miravalle courtesy of Lighthouse Catholic Media.  He offered a lot of great information regarding what the Catholic church teaches and what theologians have come to agree upon in regards to angels.  There were a few points by Miravalle that really stood out to me.  One of which is the following two-minute transcript specifically about guardian angels:

Now, I want you to imagine a civilization of people that are superior in most every way; more intelligent, more strength of will. A higher form of creative excellence in the whole hierarchy of being.  And, that God reveals to another group, another civilization of people, i.e. humans, that this higher superior group are given, in large part, to help us, to protect us, to guide us. 

Now think of this unfortunate fact.  That the lower group, the human group, chooses not to pay any attention to the higher group.  That the lower group, for whatever reason, whether it be will or distraction, fundamentally day-by-day, ignores the higher group.  How can this be pleasing to God? 

Now as we’ll discuss, the lower, in fact the lowest, level of the angels, the ninth choir, from which the vast majority of guardian angels are taken, would have, fundamentally, one angel for every human being that’s ever lived, because angels don’t recycle. So just the lowest choir would have at least equal quantity of all humans from all times.  This creature, your guardian angel, who was created at the beginning of time, has waited until this time for you.  To guide you, to protect you, to love you, and to begin a relationship, which God-willing, will become a never-ending relationship for the rest of eternity… 

We have to tap this God-given gift of spiritual persons.  And, I believe in our present age, where there is a raging spiritual battle taking place, that A., God has given special graces to the angels for our times and B., We can only engage those special graces, we can only reap the power of these angels, by our human consent.  We have to will it.  We have to consent to it.

It’s amazing to really comtemplate that we each have our own protector to guide us along in life, so that we may grow closer to God!  And just as with receiving gifts from the Holy Spirit, we have to ask and seek our angel’s help in order to obtain their special graces.

On the Angels Explained CD, Miravalle also shared a beautiful prayer of Consecration from the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum. There is a great line towards the end of The Consecration to the Holy Angels prayer that pleads, “enlighten my mind and my heart so that I may always know and accomplish the will of God.” 

So as we pray and strive to use our talents and do God’s will, let’s not forget about our guardian angels who can help us along our journey. All we have to do is ask!

For more information about what the Catholic church teaches about angels, visit Catholic Online or Catholic Answers.

Do you have a special angel story to share? I’d love to hear it!

Update: I’m linking this post up with the Catholic Bloggers Link-up Blitz for May! Be sure to check the other posts out, too!

Eric Metaxas Stops in Nashville on Bonhoeffer Tour

8 Mar

In January, I posted about five life-changing books I read in 2012. One of those, was Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas. If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it! It is a vital read for this day and time! I am a HUGE Dietrich Bonhoeffer fan now and a few of his published books are on my ever-growing to-read list!

I’m also an Eric Metaxas fan, as well! I recently read his short book, No Pressure, Mr. President! The Power of Belief in a Time of Crisis, about his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last year and I just downloaded the Kindle edition of another book he wrote, Amazing Grace, which is only $2.99 on Amazon for the month of March!

Courtesy of ericmetaxas.com

Eric Metaxas / Courtesy of ericmetaxas.com

This past Tuesday, I was fortunate to be able to attend the Bonhoeffer Tour: An Evening with Eric Metaxas New York Times #1 Best Selling Author sold-out engagement in Nashville!  I loved how Doug Hudson, who introduced Metaxas, set the tone for the event in his brief speech.  Hudson commented that the night was not to celebrate Bonhoeffer or Metaxas, but “to celebrate Jesus Christ who is the root of our courage.” Can I get an “Amen”?!  It was such a blessing to be able to attend a talk that focused on two men striving to do God’s will so that others may know the love and grace of Jesus!

Having read two of Metaxas’ books already, I had a lot of background information prior to this event.  The Q & A session at the end was a great opportunity to hear Metaxas expand on certain issues and concerns.  One of the biggest, is the fact that there are so many parallels between the state of America today and that of early Nazi Germany.

Metaxas discussed that Hitler and the Nazis started out by “resricting religious liberty,” which was enabled because the church didn’t “seem to be willing to fight.” Metaxas went on to acknowledge later, “Religious liberty is genuinely being threatened right now.”  Of course, this is clear based on the pending  implementation of the HHS mandate and attacks on the vocation of marriage.  Metaxas also made this point:

If you don’t stand up early, it’s a lot harder to speak up later on.

Due to being in the blogging world, I have had the opportunity to read so many great posts by other Catholics.  I am very encouraged that there are so many Christians in this country who are standing up and writing about truth and striving to do God’s will!  If you are one of these amazing evangelists, please continue your good work!  Let us imitate Bonhoeffer’s saintly example by praying and acting!  Metaxas stated that Bonhoeffer believed that “prayer must lead to action.”  He truly lived his life based on this truth.  Metaxas also commented, “God calls us to live fully in this world” and “God blesses us to be a blessing.”  Amazing words!  Thank you for your work and example, Mr. Metaxas!  To learn more about Eric Metaxas, check out his conversion story!

May we have the courage to stand up for the right to live our faith, so that we may encourage others to do the same!





The Greatest Vocation of All!

15 Feb


I ran across the above quote last weekend and had to share it! It expands perfectly on my post about vocations from last Friday! It’s also timely, considering yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day – a day all about LOVE!

For the Year of Faith, I signed up for the daily e-newsletter, Read the Catechism in a Year, and Day 122 held this amazing paragraph by Jeff Pinyan.

If the Church was a body composed of different members, it couldn’t lack the noblest of all; it must have a Heart, and a Heart BURNING WITH LOVE. And I realized that this love alone was the true motive force which enabled the other members to Church to act; if it ceased to function, the Apostles would forget to preach the gospel, the Martyrs would refuse to shed their blood. LOVE, IN FACT, IS THE VOCATION WHICH INCLUDES ALL OTHERS; IT’S A UNIVERSE OF IT’S OWN, COMPRISING ALL TIME AND SPACE – IT’S ETERNAL!

In addition to reading this last Saturday, I heard a visiting Franciscan priest speak about this same topic at Mass on Sunday. He emphasized respecting others as the way to show love.

No matter who we are or what job we have, we are all called to love one another. Sometimes we get caught up in finding our passion and the right career, but no matter how old or young, rich or poor, etc., we can always make it a priority to show love through our everyday actions and treatment of others.

Have a great weekend full of love, everyone!

Above background image courtesy of Phaitoon/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Embracing Our Vocations: The Key to Joy

8 Feb

work-life balance

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sometimes pursuing dreams can be selfish.

We may be so focused on achieving what we want to accomplish so that we can make more money, be recognized, feel valued, etc., that we risk damaging relationships and destroying our faith.

So, how do we know when our dreams are good or when they are detrimental to us or others?  I think the answer comes when we take a look at what it means to have a vocation.

The past few days especially, I have been thinking about this quite a bit.  It’s been a consistent topic of conversation between my husband and me as we navigate what God is calling us to do.  And guess what?  I received a newsletter from DynamicCatholic.com this past Saturday with a special message from Matthew Kelly regarding this exact thing.  Here is what he wrote:

The Peace and Joy of Unique Ability

A few nights ago my little girl, Isabel, came into my office at home after her bath. With a huge smile, she walked over, grabbed my phone, held it to her ear, and said, “Call me, daddy!” I played along for a few minutes and then she came over, got up into my lap, buried her head in my chest and gave me a big hug. It was one of those times when I was able to be completely in the moment… and I was happy.

If I think back a few years, I was not so happy. I wasn’t unhappy. I loved my work, but something was missing. I didn’t have the deep peace and joy I have today. What was missing? Vocation. We talk a lot about it, but too often our talk is sterile and dispassionate. But vocation really is a thing of beauty. It is that thing that helps us make sense of everything. It is the feeling of finally being at home in our own lives. It is that place where your unique ability explodes usefully. It is the thing of great worth.

It also requires tremendous work.

How are you doing with your vocation? This Lent, I would like to encourage you to either search more rigorously for your vocation or give your vocation another look and recommit to it. Take it to the next level.

The world and the Church need more people who love life and live it with passion and purpose. Vocation animates us – brings us to life. Vocation fills us with a peace and joy that is immeasurable if we embrace and dedicate ourselves to our call.

Pretty powerful stuff!  Being an involved parent and spouse requires a lot of sacrifice, but it is also extremely fulfilling! This is exactly why my husband Adam tells people that he is the happiest that he’s ever been!  I’m sure the same can be said for anyone who has responded to God’s call for their life.  This is where we find our purpose, passion, and as Matthew Kelly stated, “peace and joy.”

Maybe, though, you are still saying “What is a vocation or how do I know what my vocation is?”  I did a quick little Google search to find a definition and stumbled upon the website Vocation.com.  While it is geared to those contemplating religious life, I found a great little article worth sharing titled, Is it a vocation or a job or a profession?  Below are a few paragraphs…

[…] when we use the word vocation we introduce a vertical dimension into our life, especially into our thinking process and decisions, since the point of reference when we talk about vocation is God’s will – what we believe he is calling us to do with our life, the purpose for which he created us as it relates to the salvation of our own soul and the salvation of others. So a vocation is not something you switch out of on a whim, since it is not something you go into lightly. In following a vocation the main question is: What does God want? and not: What do I prefer? So it would be a major mistake to approach a vocation to the priestly or consecrated life, or to marriage, thinking only of ourselves and not being willing to commit ourselves to it, “for better or for worse” because we know God wants us to see it through.

And so, if there is ever a conflict between our profession and our vocation, it is always the vocation that has to win. A married person who knows that a career opportunity that opens up to him will most probably destroy his marriage must opt for his marriage vocation even if the price is his career. A baptized doctor who risks losing his license if he refuses to do certain immoral procedures will follow his Christian vocation and even at the cost of his medical career. A priest who is a great success in a particular field of ministry and is asked by his bishop to serve in a different area must follow his priestly vocation which includes obedience to his bishop, rather than his “success” in a particular field.

I think the key when evaluating our dreams, is to always be sure that our aspirations are under the umbrella of our vocation.  Just as the article above mentions, if our goals are at the expense of living out our vocation, then they must be abandoned or reconstructed.

For us personally, the re-working of goals is why many of you may have been wondering why Adam’s website isn’t up yet or why we haven’t been promoting any new songs.  In addition to a lack of ample time, we have been going through a process of identifying priorities, finding nuggets of truth and wisdom, and assessing how everything fits in with our vocation of helping each other get to heaven and raising holy children.  I firmly believe that God wants to use Adam’s musical talents to reach people, but just how that all is going to happen  is still in the works!  I have already seen how much grace and peace he has given us especially in the past year, so even though the road ahead is a mystery, I have no doubt that we are on the right path.

When we stop trying to do things our own way and embrace God’s plan for our life, we will find true joy that is unattainable anywhere else!

What’s Holding You Back from Pursuing Your Dreams?

1 Nov

Many of us have a mental list of places that would be nice to visit, jobs that would be ideal, and things that we’d like to do.  It seems that too often, though, that’s exactly where those dreams stay – in our mind!

As a married, full-time working mother of two, I know the challenges that come with finding the time or the motivation to pursue, let alone even think about, my dreams and goals.  I know that there are seasons in life and I need to be present in whatever phase that I am in, since God has me there for a reason!  I also believe, though, that God gave each of us talents to use to aid the world and I need to be open to whatever He is calling me to do.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can often dismiss promptings from the Holy Spirit or over look seeds that God may be planting in our hearts for the future.  We may be distracted by too much time on social media, held back by fear of failure, or worried about what others’ will think of us. Fortunately, we can choose how to respond and address these obstacles!

Whether it’s spending a few minutes in silence on the commute to work to listen to God, starting a journal, or choosing to read an inspirational book instead of watching television, there are minor changes we can make in our daily routines to be more open to God’s will and discovering His plan for us!

To read about one way that I have carved out more time in my day to devote to my family and my personal goals, check out my first guest post at Life Happens When!  I love Leanne’s blog and am excited to be a part of it!

What sacrifices or changes have you made in order to grow in faith and work towards your goals?

April’s Dreamer in the Spotlight

23 Apr

When I ran across a featured article on-line last week, I got goosebumps over how much faith this month’s featured dreamer, Curtis Masters, possesses.  Please read how one plumber in Texas is truly putting his career and his family’s well-being in God’s hands.  (There is also a short video clip at the bottom of this article. )

I love how he mentions that God “planted” this idea in him before finally agreeing to follow this path.  I think God is often planting seeds in our hearts and minds for the future.  His timing is perfect! 

Thank you for your faith and good works, Mr. Masters.  You are definitely an inspiration to all of us to have more trust and believe that God wants what is best for us!

Photo courtesy of thepathtraveler/FreeDigitalPhotos.net