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April’s Dreamer in the Spotlight

23 Apr

When I ran across a featured article on-line last week, I got goosebumps over how much faith this month’s featured dreamer, Curtis Masters, possesses.  Please read how one plumber in Texas is truly putting his career and his family’s well-being in God’s hands.  (There is also a short video clip at the bottom of this article. )

I love how he mentions that God “planted” this idea in him before finally agreeing to follow this path.  I think God is often planting seeds in our hearts and minds for the future.  His timing is perfect! 

Thank you for your faith and good works, Mr. Masters.  You are definitely an inspiration to all of us to have more trust and believe that God wants what is best for us!

Photo courtesy of thepathtraveler/FreeDigitalPhotos.net