September’s Dreamer in the Spotlight

19 Sep

As those of you who have read my blog already know, I am a “strategic” coupon user.  There are a variety of websites out there to help with finding weekly deals, etc.  One of these websites, started by Kelly Hancock, is Faithful Provisions.  When I read about her story and faith in God’s plan, I knew that this would be a great dream to share with others.  Kelly did a wonderful job of writing about her journey in her own blog, so please click on the links below to check out her personal story!

About Kelly Hancock

Kelly’s Video Story


Thanks, Kelly, for inspiring all of us to save money, listen to God’s voice and to pursue our own dreams!  Congratulations on your recently released book, Saving Savvy!


(A side note: an update on Adam’s musical journey is coming soon!!)


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