Proud of my CHS class of ’02!

15 Oct

This blog focuses on inspiration, hope, and seeking God’s will, so what I’m about to share is definitely appropriate…

A high school friend, Nichole, and her husband, Aaron, tragically lost their baby girl last week after she was born prematurely.  I’ve never met her husband, but from what I’ve seen on Facebook and their website, they have a strong desire to help others and spread the love of Jesus.  This amazing couple spent 9 months in Africa in 2009 doing missionary work.  During this experience they decided to pursue international adoption.  Aaron and Nichole are currently in the process of bringing home a baby boy from Ethiopia, but are still raising the necessary funds.

After the news of the loss of their precious baby, Figi (short for Fighter Girl), another high school classmate, Heathyr, decided to put together a fundraiser via Facebook in honor of Figi (pronounced fee-jee) to raise money to bring her brother home sooner.  Donations and cards were collected by her personally and through the mail.  Over sixty people (CHS alumni and strangers) gave money for a total of over $1,800 so far!  (The original goal was $1,000.)  Heathyr is going to travel to attend the memorial service tomorrow and give Aaron and Nichole the collected funds and personal notes.

I can’t imagine the grief that Aaron and Nichole must feel right now after losing their daughter after they just met her.  Hopefully, they will be able to hold their little boy in their arms soon!  If you are interested in donating, please visit their Village to Village Intl. page.

Thanks, Heathyr, for all the effort that you put into making this gift for the Marshall family a reality.  I am moved by your generous heart and the generous hearts of all that donated.  It is so inspiring to see God’s work in action!

Please pray for Aaron and Nichole Marshall during this difficult time.  To see pictures of precious Figi Grace, you can view their website.



Photo courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot via


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