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They Have Room {November’s Dreamers in the Spotlight}

23 Nov

I have read a lot of amazing international adoption stories in the past few months. So many couples have decided to open their hearts and homes in order to provide a forever family to an orphaned child. Earlier this month, a story on the front page of one Sunday’s Tennessean featured a couple in their early thirties with eleven children – four biological and seven adopted! Talk about having faith – and living it!


Kirk and Heidi Weimer began their adoption journey in 2007 after already having three biological children. Heidi writes about their life at We Have Room. A documentary, by the same name, about the Weimer family’s story was recently released. When I checked out Heidi’s blog, I was really impressed by some of the posts that she wrote, especially this one. In it, she discusses following God’s plan despite difficulties. Do yourself a favor and READ IT – you won’t regret it! I also love her mantra, and it reminds me of Katie Davis‘ Twitter profile: “It’s not about me.”

My life is not my own.

Amen! Those six words sum up what dreaming big is all about. This is obviously easier said than done, but if we focus on what God wants us to do for others, we will experience uncommon joy even amidst challenges.

Thanks, Weimer family, for inspiring us all to do God’s will even when the world throws obstacles in our way!


7 Quick Takes (#2): Dreamer in the Spotlight Edition!

28 Sep

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 188)

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Hey, Ya’ll! (I’ve lived in the south for 7 years now, so I can say that, right?!) I was having trouble narrowing down who to feature for my monthly Dreamer in the Spotlight post, so I found a solution: A mini run-down of the various people and stories that have caught my attention this month! Consider this your big dose of inspiration for the day!


Tisha UnArmed

I’m not sure if Tisha is a Christian or not, but what I do know is that this young woman is an amazing example of what can be accomplished if we make the choice to do so, even if it seems impossible. Tisha was born without arms and has recently received attention online for the YouTube videos that she has posted of her doing daily tasks, like making a sandwich with her feet. She hopes to inspire others to be more independent.

Often, we don’t have control over our circumstances, but we can control how we decide to react and deal with situations. We choose how we want to live. We constantly make decisions throughout the day that can either better ourselves or lead us away from our goals. We have the power to choose to take steps to follow our dreams, to help others, to love…



Manti Te’o

Okay, so considering I’m a huge ND fan and my husband is OBSESSED with all things Irish football, I had to include the outstanding Notre Dame linebacker, Manti Te’o. The reason that I am talking about him, though, doesn’t have as much to do with his on-field talent as it does who he is as a person. Manti seems to be a very balanced individual who has his priorities in check. This is a young man who was set on playing football at the University of Southern California and the day before signing day changed his mind to attend the University of Notre Dame after praying to God to make sure he was making the right decision. A few weeks ago, Manti’s grandmother and girlfriend passed away within two days. Due to the overwhelming support he and his family have received from Notre Dame, Manti says he is now starting to see why God had him come to South Bend.



Dave Ramsey

The Dave Ramsey Show is celebrating 20 years on-air this week! I know many people are familiar with Dave Ramsey‘s radio show, books, and financial advice. Being that he is a fellow “Nashvillian” and centers his work on biblical principles, I thought it fitting to add him to the list! He is a great example of a dreamer becoming a doer and using his gifts to help others!



Karen Pullano of Godversations

Just a couple days ago, I read Karen Pullano’s story of her family’s choice to pursue the international adoption of her son. While reading her post I was also introduced to the non-profit Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry, Reece’s Rainbow. There are many ways to be involved with Reece’s Rainbow and help children find forever families, so please check out the website!



Helen Phillips of Transformed by the Journey

I have been following Helen’s blog Transformed by the Journey for a couple months now. Earlier this week, she posted Career, Serving or Both and I loved reading the story of her career journey and her view of God’s will. I think you will, too!



40 Days for Life Participants

The 11th 40 Days for Life campaign kicked off this Wednesday and runs through November 4th. Since these campaigns started in 2007, some amazing things have happened due to the prayers and sacrifices of so many!

  • 69 abortion workers quit
  • 24 abortion facilities closed
  • Nearly 6,000 lives have been saved

Be sure to check out the 40 Days for Life website for more!




I’d love to hear your story! I know all of you bloggers and dreamers out there have some amazing “God moments” and I want to share them! I’ve been enjoying reading so many great blogs and getting familiar with the people behind each of them! Don’t be shy! Please contact me so others can be inspired and encouraged by your personal story of faith and trust in God and His will for your life! I’d love to feature guest posts in addition to interviews for my monthly Dreamer in the Spotlight series. My email is adreamerswife@yahoo.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

November’s Dreamer in the Spotlight

30 Nov

The young woman that I’m featuring this month is truly an inspiration!  Her name is Katie Davis and  I ran across an article about her story last month in the Tennessean.  She is a perfect example of how God can use each of us to do extraordinary things if we will listen and be open to whatever He asks.  Easier said that done, right?  I’m sure a lot of people were skeptical of her plans and worried about her, but she is making a difference and shedding God’s light on so many lives!

Please click on the following headline to read the online version of “At 22, woman is mom to 13 Ugandan children”.

As the article mentions, she also has a blog called Kisses from Katie and recently released a book by the same name.  I’m looking forward to checking it out when I get some time.  She makes me think about how amazing it would be if all of us embraced God’s plan for our lives! The bible verse “Yet not as I will, but as YOU will (Matthew 26: 39)” is the status on Amazima Minstries‘ Facebook page!

(photo above courtesy of africa via http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1803)


Side note:  I realized after I published my previous post, that I forgot to include a main part of my sleep deprivation story, so I’ll include it below.  This is just a perfect example of my mommy brain in action!  Here we go…

As I mentioned, I had a week where I was very irritable and unpleasant towards Adam.  That Saturday, while Adam was working, I cleaned the house and did several chores while watching the girls.  I even had time to make dinner.  I felt like I was being a good wife/mother and wanted Adam to feel relaxed when he arrived home.  Of course, shortly after he walked through the door, my attitude and moodiness overshadowed my good intentions and homemaking skills as my exhaustion kicked in after a long, busy day.  I made sure Adam knew what a heavy load I carried and complained about all of my responsibilities.  So much for him relaxing, huh?

The next morning, we went to Mass and the first reading was from Proverbs 31.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  I felt like God was specifically talking to me and I started to cry, because I wanted to be a good wife and was ashamed of how I had been acting.  I had been blaming Adam for not helping me, when I should have been asking the Lord for grace and strength to deal with a tough time.  Sometimes it can be discouraging to just “suck it up and deal with it” when mothers have to continuously sacrifice, but I know that it is a privilege and a blessing to be called to marriage and to be able to raise children.

The sum of all of this is:  Husbands, help your wives get sleep and they won’t be so psycho and will be more appreciative of all of their blessings!  I know Adam has seen the benefits of a more rested wife already!

Proud of my CHS class of ’02!

15 Oct

This blog focuses on inspiration, hope, and seeking God’s will, so what I’m about to share is definitely appropriate…

A high school friend, Nichole, and her husband, Aaron, tragically lost their baby girl last week after she was born prematurely.  I’ve never met her husband, but from what I’ve seen on Facebook and their website, they have a strong desire to help others and spread the love of Jesus.  This amazing couple spent 9 months in Africa in 2009 doing missionary work.  During this experience they decided to pursue international adoption.  Aaron and Nichole are currently in the process of bringing home a baby boy from Ethiopia, but are still raising the necessary funds.

After the news of the loss of their precious baby, Figi (short for Fighter Girl), another high school classmate, Heathyr, decided to put together a fundraiser via Facebook in honor of Figi (pronounced fee-jee) to raise money to bring her brother home sooner.  Donations and cards were collected by her personally and through the mail.  Over sixty people (CHS alumni and strangers) gave money for a total of over $1,800 so far!  (The original goal was $1,000.)  Heathyr is going to travel to attend the memorial service tomorrow and give Aaron and Nichole the collected funds and personal notes.

I can’t imagine the grief that Aaron and Nichole must feel right now after losing their daughter after they just met her.  Hopefully, they will be able to hold their little boy in their arms soon!  If you are interested in donating, please visit their Village to Village Intl. page.

Thanks, Heathyr, for all the effort that you put into making this gift for the Marshall family a reality.  I am moved by your generous heart and the generous hearts of all that donated.  It is so inspiring to see God’s work in action!

Please pray for Aaron and Nichole Marshall during this difficult time.  To see pictures of precious Figi Grace, you can view their website.



Photo courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot via freedigitalphotos.net