They Have Room {November’s Dreamers in the Spotlight}

23 Nov

I have read a lot of amazing international adoption stories in the past few months. So many couples have decided to open their hearts and homes in order to provide a forever family to an orphaned child. Earlier this month, a story on the front page of one Sunday’s Tennessean featured a couple in their early thirties with eleven children – four biological and seven adopted! Talk about having faith – and living it!


Kirk and Heidi Weimer began their adoption journey in 2007 after already having three biological children. Heidi writes about their life at We Have Room. A documentary, by the same name, about the Weimer family’s story was recently released. When I checked out Heidi’s blog, I was really impressed by some of the posts that she wrote, especially this one. In it, she discusses following God’s plan despite difficulties. Do yourself a favor and READ IT – you won’t regret it! I also love her mantra, and it reminds me of Katie Davis‘ Twitter profile: “It’s not about me.”

My life is not my own.

Amen! Those six words sum up what dreaming big is all about. This is obviously easier said than done, but if we focus on what God wants us to do for others, we will experience uncommon joy even amidst challenges.

Thanks, Weimer family, for inspiring us all to do God’s will even when the world throws obstacles in our way!


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  1. laurie arritt November 23, 2012 at 7:47 am #

    Good one Stef!

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