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“Off-Season” Update

11 Nov


Adam Lee and Tommy at The Listening Room


Here is a little rundown of the latest in Adam’s music career journey:

1. Adam Lee/The Adam Lee Trio/The Adam Lee Band – As Adam mentioned in his own personal post a couple weeks ago, he has been rehearsing with his drummer (Tommy) and bass player (Ed) to start playing gigs around town.  (It just so happens that the drummer is my cousin and they are both Adam’s closest friends!  And all of us wives have been able to hang out and watch our babies while the guys jam, too!  Nice bonus!)  Adam has also added a fourth member, who has been a long-time acquaintance and was briefly part of the same 80’s cover band a few years ago before landing a tech gig with Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts.  Dave, a guitar player, has been itching to get out and play again and this allows him an opportunity to do that.  Adam will now be able to play keyboard for several songs.  How awesome is it that he has found three talented guys who believe in his music and will play for free?!    Adam has set it up, too, where he can play a solo acoustic gig if certain people aren’t available, can do a trio if Dave is on the road, or can play a full band set if everyone can make it.  The goal is to get a regular weekly gig at a club downtown, so he can get his music out there!

2. Lending a Voice – Adam played a benefit show last weekend in New York for a charity called Crew’s Voice.  Adam was able to get involved with this fundraiser through a group of friends that he has met and gotten to know over the past two years doing the campground tour.  Adam also has a benefit show this weekend for the West Alabama Food Bank.  A woman that he regularly sings demos for asked him to be a part of it.

3. Eich Audio – I think it’s so cool when people can help each other’s dreams come to fruition.  A high school friend of Adam’s (Jesse Howard) has started a custom guitar pedal business with another guy (Martin Eich).  They are making Adam a customized guitar pedal and want him to represent their business.  Adam went up to Kentucky about a month ago so they could get familiar with his sound and style and create something special just for him!

4. Co-Writing with a duo out of L.A. – A sound engineer that Adam was associated with through his days of playing with Emma Jacob has asked Adam to write with a duo that he is producing from California.  They have written a few times so far when they have come to Nashville.  Adam seems to like the stuff that they have come up with, so who knows where it will go…

5. Too many new song ideas to keep up with – Adam has shown me some new melodies and lyrical ideas for a handful of songs that he has recently been inspired to write.  The ideas are flowing!  His sound is leaning more towards a pop/blues feel now.  As my cousin Tommy describes it – Maroon 5 meets John Mayer meets Los Lonely Boys.

Life continues to be busy with our daughters, work, and music…  There’s hardly ever a spare moment, but life is good!