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Marking the Milestones

10 Aug

The spring and summer of 2012 has been full of anniversaries, milestones, and new adventures for a variety of different things in our family.  Here is the rundown:

1. It has been 10 years since my high school graduation and 7  years since I graduated college.

College Graduation Day 2005

2. It has been 10 years since Adam moved to Nashville.

3. Adam and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!  

Our 1st Anniversary 2006

4. Our oldest daughter, “C,” turned three and is potty trained!

5. Our youngest daughter turned 1-year-old and finally sprouted a mouthful of teeth (after 13 months without any)!

6. It has been a little over a year since I started A Dreamer’s Wife.   Two weeks ago, I made a plan to devote more time to this blog.  My goal is to post each weekend and get more involved in the blogging community.  It has been fun adding more websites to my Google Reader and WordPress Reader – so many great bloggers to follow!  I also officially registered my domain name this week, so now it is adreamerswife.com!

7.  We started the journey of Adam’s career as an independent artist! 

8. I just stopped the bedtime feeding that I had been continuing for the past couple months with “little A.” One of the “girls” became a casualty to the teeth I mentioned in #5 and I decided it was finally time to put an end to this phase of mommy-hood.

9.  It has been three weeks since we discontinued cable – and I don’t mean downgraded to a lower package, I mean we don’t even have the basic channels.  (Boo to missing the Olympics!)  We do have a Netflix subscription right now, so I can’t be too dramatic about this!  It has definitely been a change, but I’ve been way more productive and focused.  I thought I was good at multitasking with the TV on, but maybe I wasn’t as good at it as I thought!  We’ll see how long this “no TV” lasts, though, because football season is about here and I don’t know if Adam will be able to cope.  (He’s already found a possible deal on a cable package…)

10. I recently started a Catholic ABC’s preschool program with “C.” Each Saturday morning we discuss the designated letter of the week, spend time singing songs, making a craft, and learning about the Bible.

“A” for Angel Craft

All of this is exciting stuff to acknowledge and celebrate.  It also causes me to think about making the most of whatever time I have left on this earth. In the past few months, I’ve become more passionate, fearless, and trusting in regards to God’s will, my talents, and my goals.  I feel that nothing is impossible.  I have no idea what the next 10 years (and beyond) holds, but I know that I’m going to be living with purpose each day!  I’m looking forward to my continued growth as a bold, joy-filled, and faith-filled individual!

What is everybody else out there celebrating?