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Musicians Wanted

31 Jul

Alright, so yesterday was a little bit of a rough day.  Adam had his audition for NBC’s show “The Voice” yesterday, and did not get a callback.  Of course, getting on a television contest is a little bit like winning the lottery, but we were confident that he would at least get a callback to make it past the first round.  Adam was basically the 5,999th person out of 6,000 to try out in Nashville over the two-day tryout period.  He was in the last 10-person group of the day and he sang for just one person – a well-known vocal coach out of L.A.  He expressed enough interest in Adam to ask him to sing a second song, but then decided to only ask one young female to return for the second round.  Adam sang “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” and “Here Comes Goodbye.”  Adam said that when the group first came into the room, the coach told them that the Producers/Record Label were looking for individuals who were loyal to their genre of choice, whether that be country, R&B, pop, rock, etc.  Adam had about five various songs prepared to sing and they were from different decades and different genres, so he felt like the coach was talking to him.  This may be the reason that Adam did not get asked to come back for another round.

The Voice tryouts at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN

In Adam’s words, not getting a callback “stings the ego a little bit.”  Last night, we discussed what some next steps may be.  We both kind of feel like we are in a maze and we keep hitting dead ends.  We still are a little lost, but we will continue to pray and Adam plans to brainstorm various things he can do to keep pursuing his dream.  One thing that Adam feels strongly about is wanting to try to find other people to be in a group or band with.  Adam does not feel like he needs the spotlight to be on him.  Adam gets more enjoyment from sharing the stage with others.  The key to making something like this work, though, is finding like-minded people with similar motivations.  It made me think of writing a wanted ad!  Maybe something like this:

Talented singer/songwriter seeks musically gifted individuals who are seeking to follow God’s will for their life.  Must enjoy working with others and don’t mind sharing the spotlight.  Ability to sing harmony preferred.  Only those seriously interested in pursuing a career in music need apply.

More to come later about this crazy maze of a journey!  Have a good week, everyone!  My first post for my new “Dreamer in the Spotlight” series will be coming soon!


CMA Music Festival Week

6 Jun

Riverfront Park Stage in Nashville - CMA Fest 2008

It’s that time of year in Nashville when you actually see cowboy hats all over town.  It’s CMA Music Fest this week, formerly known as Fan Fair, when tourists and country music fans come from all over to attend concerts and fan appreciation parties for their favorite artists.

This is always a busy week for Adam.  As he has the past few years, he will be playing a few gigs at some clubs in town with Emma Jacob.   And for the past several years, Adam has been a tech at LP Field for the headliners’ shows.  He works a 16-hour-day four days in a row.  His job is to make sure the music equipment is working appropriately on stage.  He enjoys being able to catch up with his musician buddies who are playing with major artists.  Of course, he hopes to be performing on that big stage himself one day.

Adam on the big screen at Riverfront park - CMA Music Fest 2008

Adam will be doing a lot of running around over the next few days.  Add in some hot weather (it seems to be unbearable every year), and it is definitely exhausting, not only for Adam, but for most people involved!  It seems like summer is officially here whenever the CMA Music Fest rolls around!