5 Ways I’ve Learned to Save on Baby Necessities!

5 May


It’s no secret that babies cost money, especially first borns! Fortunately, hand-me-downs can help lessen the blow financially when subsequent children come along! And, of course, breastfeeding and pumping saves a lot of money! As a mother of two little girls, I have learned some additional ways to cut costs and thought that I’d share! (I know that there are many savvy, domestically-talented women out there who probably have their own great ideas, so if you are one of them, please comment with your tips below!)

1. Diapers

Anybody who has had a baby knows that a box of diapers does not last long! I applaud cloth-diapering mommies out there, but I’m not one of them and I knew that my husband (who is with the girls quite a bit) would never consider it! For those of us who go the disposable route, I discovered an easy and usually less expensive option when my second daughter was born – Amazon Mom. I tried it when it when the program first started and it was great to be able to get diapers delivered straight to my door at 20% off! It was one less thing that we had to worry about running to the store to get! I was able to use Pampers on my daughter for the full first year because of the great price!  (My trial ran out after one year.)

2. Wipes

Just like diapers, wipes can be gone in a flash! Especially, on some of those 5+ wiper-diapers! You know, the real fun ones to change! Anyway, I have discovered since using coupons that there are a few times during the year when quality brand-name wipes can be bought for FREE when on sale with a coupon! At various times, Kroger has discounted Huggies and Pampers to $.99 with a Kroger’s Plus card. Combine that with a $.50 off one package coupon that doubles to $1.00, and that makes them FREE! The good news is that even when Huggies aren’t on sale, a coupon can bring the price down to $.99 for a package of 64-count wipes, which is still a pretty good deal! I always stock up on extra wipes coupons, especially when there is a sale!

Speaking of coupons, keep an eye out for diaper cream and baby wash coupons, as well, to avoid full price! Even better, use with a sale to pay a fraction of the price!

For more about shopping with coupons, click here!

3. Store-bought Baby Food

Wait, I know what you’re thinking! Isn’t it cheaper to make my own at home? Yes, and no. I’ll get to that one in number 4, though. In my experience, I have been able to buy organic baby food for as low as $.07 per jar! When you are able to pay as low as $.07, it’s definitely worth it to stock up on some jars for when you’re in a pinch and running low on homemade baby food! I once was able to get 18 jars for about $1.60!

It’s a good idea to join brand-name companies’ mailing lists, so you will get regular emails with printable coupons! Often, Coupon Network will have baby food coupons, as well. 

4. Homemade Baby Food

Overall, making your baby’s own food is less expensive and healthier. Using in-season produce is ideal, because it is less expensive. It can seem overwhelming at times, though, when trying to make everything fresh, so I often blended cooked frozen veggies or canned fruit (in 100% juice) to make things more manageable when pressed for time.  BONUS: These things can also be bought at a reduced price with coupons!  The blended food can then be poured into ice cube trays and the frozen individual servings can be popped into freezer bags to save for future meals!

5. Frozen Treats

I mentioned my love for popsicle molds in a recent Five Favorites post. When eating canned fruit, I never wanted to waste the juice, so I’d pour it into a popsicle mold for another time. This is perfect for teething babies and toddlers! Who doesn’t like popsicles anyway?!

Another idea, is to buy a pack of kids’ yogurt when there’s a huge manager’s discount (or you have a sale/coupon)! Even though the expiration date is soon, you can stick spoons in each container and pop them in the freezer! Quick frozen yogurt pops! Be prepared for a mess, but it’s a fun treat!

"C" with Yogurt

Don’t forget to share  your own great tips to save money with a new baby in the home!

Keep Your Change

This post is part of my Keep Your Change series. For more money saving posts, click here!


2 Responses to “5 Ways I’ve Learned to Save on Baby Necessities!”

  1. Marta May 8, 2013 at 8:54 pm #

    All excellent points. I loved the year I had of Amazon Mom!

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