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A Little Less Talk…

7 Sep

I feel like I’ve spent so much time writing about what Adam and I have been doing that I figured it would be a nice change to show us in action. So here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately (when we’re¬† not working at our jobs or caring for our two daughters)… ūüôā


Recording some new songs at my cousin’s home studio…


Gettin’ in shape on the treadmill… (Just to be clear, those are Adam’s legs, not mine!!)


I have to make time to plan my shopping trips each week!  Saving money is good!


Adam’s daily dinner consists of grilled chicken, whole grain rice, and peas or broccoli.¬† He usually grills out several tenderloins 1-2x/week so his meals are easy to put together.


I’m pretty sure this is going to be the official Adam Shick logo!¬† I spent a lot of time last week working on it.¬† I was inspired by Adam’s¬†guitar cables to create a custom font with his name.¬† I actually used a cable to see how I could¬†shape the letters and draw them¬†realistically.¬† Now I just need to get the logo up on the computer and ready for his website, business cards, t-shirts, etc.!

Have a great weekend, everyone!¬† Oh, and it’s my mom’s birthday today so Happy Birthday, Mom!

(Also, the text on the photos is courtesy of the Over app – check it out!)


Step 1: What’s My Name?

4 Aug

As I mentioned about a month ago, Adam and I have decided to make our own opportunities and pursue his career path as an independent solo artist. We have been busy setting goals, gathering information, and putting our creative minds to work!

One of the first items on our agenda was to decide on Adam’s official stage name. He has been going by “Adam Lee,” but there is another guitar player who goes by that name and has several websites and accounts. In addition, it is not a very unique name. Adam has chosen to go by the name everybody knows him as, Adam Shick. Yes, the last name needs to be enunciated (say it out loud and you’ll understand why), but at least he won’t be competing for space with too many other “Adam Shicks” on search engines! This change means that Adam is in the process of creating new Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, ReverbNation accounts, etc. Once we get the new official website up-and-running, be prepared for alerts to “like,” “follow,” and “sign-up” to keep up-to-date with his new music and shows.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am busy researching marketing, promotion, and other strategies for do-it-yourself musicians. I have come across some great resources! Here are my favorites, so far:

1. Ariel Publicity I love Ariel Hyatt’s blog and her book, Music Success in Nine Weeks! I’m going through it for the second time to glean all the tips and organize them in my marketing binder.

2. Passive Promotion Great advice broken down into easy to follow steps from a musician, Brian Hazard, who has tried them out already!

3. Mixtus Media A Nashville-based PR firm! They have a great blog with some useful printable resources/worksheets! This site is helpful for authors too!

4. DIY Musician Blog This blog available on is full of advice and tips for a constantly evolving industry!

I think that we have a pitch nailed to describe Adam’s musical style and his artist bio is in the works. Adam continues to record his latest songs as part of his upcoming debut solo album. We are exploring logo ideas and a photo session will be scheduled soon! I’m so excited to start working on the website!

It’s Time to be Independent

7 Jul

The past few weeks have been exciting! Adam and I have decided to dedicate ourselves to pursuing his career as an independent artist. No more waiting for a big break or for the right person to come along to help propel Adam’s major record label dreams forward…

We both came to the realization that “independent” is the way to go around the same time. If you’ve read my last few posts (or kept up with this blog at all), you know that I’ve been spending a lot of time reading books and watching shows about using our talents and pursuing God’s will. For the past few years, I’ve had an itch to start some sort of business and about a month ago, the obvious idea hit me over the head to step up and help Adam pursue his music career in a hands-on way. I’ve always been supportive, but I left his “music stuff” up to him. I started to research websites, digital distribution of music, promotional advice blogs, etc., and realized that pursuing his career on our own was totally doable. Yes, it will take a lot of time and hard work, but I could see the steps and the opportunities and that was all I needed to get me started!

Adam, on the other hand, came to this conclusion after a long weekend of teching at one of the stages at CMA Fest in June. He had listened to about 40 different acts and realized that what is popular right now with commercial country music does not really match up with his values or what his music is about… He realized that he would never get to be true to himself with a major record label deal.

So…when I approached Adam about us teaming up to commit to going the independent route, it didn’t take him too long to jump on board. ¬†I feel that God has given me a passion and purpose for this. ¬†Even though I know next to nothing about the music business, I’m not afraid to jump in and I’ve already seen where God has given me some wisdom and insight that I haven’t had before. ¬†I feel that my strengths of organizing, planning, researching, etc., will complement Adam. ¬†There are a lot of things that I will be able to take off his plate so he won’t be so overwhelmed and feel like everything is on his shoulders. ¬†He can mainly concentrate on making amazing music and connecting with friends and fans.

Right now, Adam is focusing on working out at the gym (yes, he did get a membership and a trainer) and recording his new songs! I am working on our promotion and distribution plan. ¬†An official website is in the works, as well! I can’t wait to get Adam’s latest songs online for everyone to hear! ¬†Many more updates to come!


(The picture above shows some of the categories I have in my Marketing/PR plan binder – I feel so professional!)

Renewed Hope: God Speaks through a New Friend

11 May
Days they force you
Back under those covers
Lazy mornings they multiply
But glory’s waiting
Outside your window
So wake on up from your slumber
And open up your eyes
Tongues are violent
Personal and focused
Tough to beat with
Your steady mind
But hearts are stronger after broken
So wake on up from your slumber
And open up your eyes
It’s so exciting when you KNOW that God is working through somebody in the moment that it is happening! Adam has had a couple meaningful conversations very recently with a fellow aspiring artist, Cora Zoan, who was introduced to him by Emma’s former manager (who is now working with Cora). Adam has been helping her record some new songs over the past couple weeks. Originally, Adam thought this would simply be a good way to make some extra money, but it has turned out to be something that had to have been destined by God – another “aha’ moment in Adam’s journey…
For those of you who have been reading my blog over the course of the past year, you know that Adam has been going through a sort of personal transformation. He has been asking himself tough questions and looking to God for the answers. For quite a while, though, Adam has continued to be his own worst enemy. Fear of failure and feelings of insecurity about his weight, combined with a lack of adequate “free” time has nearly paralyzed Adam from taking steps forward in his career; but, this past year has still been full of growth, priority-checking, and preparation for whatever is to come. Adam now has meaningful, amazing songs that he can’t wait to record and share.
Adam did have the opportunity to share some of these songs with Cora last week. She was able to see the relatability of his songs and personality. Now, before I go on about how God spoke through Cora to Adam, I do want to say that the first time they met the other week, God was using Adam to help her out with some things, but I don’t want to go into detail out of respect for her, especially since I haven’t even met her yet! From what Adam has told me, she is a very caring, direct, down-to-earth person who has gone through a lot of stuff that no one would ever be able to guess from the outside. I’m sorry to tease, but be assured it was non-coincidental that these two met at this time!
Now, where do I begin…?
I received a phone call from Adam the other night after their recording session. He was excitedly talking to me about their conversation and how God revealed the next step for him to be able to move forward. I can’t remember everything that Adam told me, but I’ll try to hit the highlights! Basically, Adam said that he sees how he allowed his “self-doubt and the doubt of others to become bigger than my passion.” Adam said that Cora told him some things that he really needed to hear from an objective person who is pursuing the same career. (What’s crazy is that a lot of these things have been discussed by Adam and I before, but we all know that what a spouse or family member says doesn’t “click” sometimes until an outside source makes the observation!)
Anyway, back to the conversation… First of all, Cora sincerely told Adam that he is the best singer that she has ever heard. She told him that he can make it and she would bring him along in any way that she could if she is given the opportunity. Somehow, Adam brought up that he thinks his weight is holding him back, but Cora stated that it will not prevent him from making it. She made the astute observation that it’s like Adam is sabotaging himself and giving himself an excuse if he doesn’t “make it”. She told him that he doesn’t need to lose weight to make it, unless he wants to do it for himself. Cora used to work at Gold’s Gym and offered him the advice of getting help and having someone to hold him accountable, since Adam has trouble with self-motivation. She also compared Adam to Garth Brooks as far as relatability and genuiness as an artist. This really touched Adam because he admires how Garth is so passionate and connects to his fans on such an intimate level.
Adam now feels that he has the “permission” he needs to put more energy into pursuing a successful music career, even while not being at his ideal weight. At the same time, though, Adam feels that now is the time to lose weight – not for anybody else – for himself and to be prepared for what God wants him to do. Adam feels strongly that this is the next big step for him. He plans to get a trainer again and figure out childcare, whether that means Grandma watches the girls or they go to the daycare at the gym while he works out. Adam has wasted too much time fretting over how he looks and how he’s not “good enough” yet. If you knew how much of a battle this has been for him, you’d understand what a big deal this is! I’ve been waiting for him to realize that he is his own biggest obstacle, but it all comes back to God’s timing. Adam is realizing that his self-sabotaging thoughts are not only preventing him from achieving his dream, but from fulfilling God’s will for his life. The devil would love for Adam to continue to be distracted and preoccupied with doubt. Fortunately, though, Adam’s passion and hope has been revived!
Here’s to the next step!

Keeping It Real

7 Apr

It has been a good while since my last post. I’m not sure if it has been due to laziness, busy-ness, writer’s block, or just not wanting to waste anyone’s time with a less than average¬†post – probably a combination of all of them! There have definitely been things on my mind but¬†I haven’t¬†come up with a way to put it all together yet, but I’ll give it a try now…

A lot has been going on the past few months – most of it NOT music related. There has been a lot of stress dealing with some serious issues with friends and family members¬†regarding¬†drug addiction, mental and physical health issues, and infidelity.¬† Add caring for two young girls and working most nights out of the week and there doesn’t leave too much time for music.¬† Adam has managed to write¬†a handful of amazing songs¬†in the past few months¬†and several more are waiting to be finished.¬†¬†He has been playing writers’ rounds a couple times a month, too, and his new songs have been getting some great responses!¬† He is currently preparing for his first official trio gig in town in about a week – April 16th!¬†

Back to more of what’s been going on outside of music… God has been working within us, and particularly Adam, on valuing what’s important in life and trusting His perfect plan and timing. I have seen my husband grow into a stronger, more confident man who is willing to¬†speak¬†up and be honest¬†and not just “go along to get along.”¬† This challenge to be a more authentic person started a little less than a year ago (about the same time I started this blog).¬† My dad showed Adam a song called “Jerusalem” by a Hasidic Jew rapper named Matisyahu.¬† This song is basically about calling out Jews who have forgotten their history and traditions.¬† Within this song there is a line that made an impression on Adam: “If I forget the truth then my words won’t penetrate.”¬† Pretty poweful lyrics by a pretty unforgettable artist!¬† You may want to go back and read that line again!¬† This has kind of become Adam’s motto when focusing on who he wants to be, not only as an artist, but as a person.¬† I love that Adam is still the same empathatic,¬†kind-hearted man but now has a¬†newfound boldness.¬† His passion for “being real” is refreshing, especially in a town full of people that only say what you want to hear because one day¬†they may need a favor from you… AND because we live in a society that goes along with whatever is popular in the media…

There have been two things that I have been reflecting on a lot in the past month or so – one is a verse and the other is a quote.¬† The bible verse that I’ve been obsessed with lately is “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).¬† I think this fits the theme of my blog very well, don’t you?!¬†

Another saying that has been inspiring to me is the following quote by William Carey: “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.”¬† Enough said!

Happy Easter!  Have a wondeful day celebrating the greatest truth and gift of all!

Tim Tebow: Too Radical? (January’s Dreamer in the Spotlight)

15 Jan

Tim Tebow - Credit: Jeffrey Beall on

Earlier this week, when I woke for my daughter’s 4 am feeding, I started thinking about Tim Tebow.¬† Why? I have no idea.¬† Maybe it had something to do with the recent¬†playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers combined with a brief¬†article that I read the night before regarding his response to¬†quarterback Jake¬†Plummer stating he wanted him to limit the Jesus talk.¬† (This happened back in November and Adam had sent me a video link of the interview, but I forgot to watch it.¬† Click here to read about Tebow’s response – amazing!)¬† All I know, is that a lot of connections and revelations were going on in my mind at a time I am usually half asleep…

As I was thinking about these things, I realized that Tim Tebow would be the perfect person to feature for this month’s Dreamer in the Spotlight post.¬† He, without a doubt, is focused on doing whatever God’s will is for his life and is not fazed by what others’ say about him.¬† He was told he wouldn’t be successful in the NFL, but look where he is right now in only his second year.¬† He has people who talk trash about him, but he continues to possess a noticeable joy and unashamedly expresses his faith.¬† He does a lot of volunteer work and has his own Tim Tebow Foundation.¬† He has worked hard and kept his priorities in order.

Later that same morning, when I was getting ready for work, I noticed a quarter on the counter in the bathroom.¬† I picked it up and looked at the front to see the words that I already knew were printed there: “In God We Trust.” I don’t think it is a coincidence that the NFL is at its peak in popularity right now and God is working through a Heisman trophy winning quarterback to turn America’s attention back towards Him.¬† Adam told me that he heard that more people watched last weekend’s wildcard playoff game between Denver and Pittsburgh than any NFL game last season, besides the Superbowl.¬† In addition, so many people started researching verse John 3:16 that it trended on Google.¬† (And no, I don’t think the 316 total passing yards or 31.6 average yards per pass are coincidences either.)

Is Tim Tebow too radical?¬† I think it says a lot about the state of our country, when a man is getting so much attention for publicly giving God gratitude for all his blessings¬†and for doing so many self-less acts.¬† It says many of us Christians aren’t radical enough.¬†¬† We aren’t shining bright enough and unafraid to live a life uncommon.¬† Tebow has been an inspiration to those of us who¬†haven’t had enough courage to¬†stand up for our faith or pursue our dreams.¬† Some of you reading this may be thinking that I’m too radical right now.¬† If believing that God has a plan for each one of us and that miracles do happen makes me extreme, then yes, I’m radical – and proud of it!¬† I need to continue to step up my level of faith and “radical-ness,” especially after reading Psalm 34.

Below are some quotes and verses that came into my mind in the midst of thinking about all this Tebow stuff…

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” -Basil King

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13

“With God, all things are possible.” -Matthew 19:26

Tim Tebow should give each of us the confidence to not be afraid to show others who we truly are.¬† We all have talents that God has given us to make the world a better place.¬† We all have been given a role to aid humanity.¬† Tebow has definitely been an inspiration to Adam to be bolder and work harder.¬† He wrote a song last summer, simply and powerfully, titled, “Jesus.”¬† I woke Adam up after my 4 am revelation to tell him that I felt God was wanting him to share this song.¬† So please check out the YouTube video “Jesus” by Adam Lee and you’ll see what I mean…

God bless!

“Off-Season” Update

11 Nov


Adam Lee and Tommy at The Listening Room


Here is a little rundown of the latest in Adam’s music career journey:

1. Adam Lee/The Adam Lee Trio/The Adam Lee Band – As Adam mentioned in his own personal post a couple weeks ago, he has been rehearsing with his drummer (Tommy)¬†and bass player (Ed)¬†to start playing gigs around town.¬† (It just so happens that the drummer is¬†my cousin and they are both Adam’s closest friends!¬† And all of us wives have¬†been able to hang out and watch our babies¬†while the guys jam, too!¬† Nice bonus!)¬† Adam has also added a fourth member, who has been a long-time acquaintance and was briefly part of the same 80’s cover band a few years ago before landing a tech gig¬†with Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts.¬† Dave, a guitar player, has been itching to get out and play again and this allows him an opportunity to do that.¬† Adam will now be able to play keyboard for several songs.¬† How awesome is it that he has found three talented guys who believe in his music and will play for free?!¬†¬†¬† Adam has set it up, too, where he can play a solo acoustic gig if certain people aren’t available, can do a trio if Dave is on the road, or can play a full band set if everyone can make it.¬† The goal is to get a regular weekly gig at a club downtown, so he can get his music out there!

2. Lending a Voice – Adam played a benefit show last weekend in New York for a charity called Crew’s Voice.¬† Adam was able to get involved with this fundraiser through a group of friends that he has met and gotten to know over the past two years doing the campground tour.¬† Adam also has a benefit show this weekend¬†for the West Alabama Food Bank.¬† A woman that he regularly¬†sings demos for asked him to be a part of it.

3. Eich¬†Audio – I think it’s so cool when people can help each other’s dreams come to fruition.¬† A high school friend of Adam’s (Jesse Howard)¬†has started a¬†custom guitar pedal business with another guy (Martin Eich).¬† They are making Adam a customized guitar pedal and want him to represent their business.¬† Adam went up to Kentucky about a month ago so they could get familiar with his sound and style and create something special just for him!

4. Co-Writing with a duo out of L.A. – A sound engineer that Adam was associated with through his days of playing with Emma Jacob has asked Adam to write with a duo that he is producing¬†from California.¬† They have written a few times so far when they have come to Nashville.¬† Adam seems to like the stuff that they have come up with, so who knows where it will go…

5. Too many new song ideas to keep up with РAdam has shown me some new melodies and lyrical ideas for a handful of songs that he has recently been inspired to write.  The ideas are flowing!  His sound is leaning more towards a pop/blues feel now.  As my cousin Tommy describes it РMaroon 5 meets John Mayer meets Los Lonely Boys.

Life¬†continues to be¬†busy with our daughters, work, and music…¬† There’s hardly ever a spare moment, but life is good!

Adam Speaks, er, Writes!

24 Oct

I had Adam write a little update about what has been going on lately in his own words.  Here it is Рfrom the man himself!!

This is my first official entry for the A Dreamer’s Wife blog and I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve been up to these past few months.¬† From May thru September, I was on the “Nashville 2 You Campground Tour” with five other artists from Nashville.¬† We traveled from Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan to upstate New York, Virginia and North Carolina.¬† This was the second year of the tour and my second year playing as a solo artist.¬†¬† The coolest thing about this stripped-down acoustic tour is that I got to meet many wonderful people and it challenged me as an artist to set myself apart from other artists on the tour.¬† It has made me think this thought over and over, “Who am I as an artist, and what do I want people to remember about me when they see me perform?”

Adam playing downtown during CMA Fest 2011

God answered this question through a couple of people.¬† The first, is a man named Ashley Swan who works in the music industry, and to make a long and awesome story short, he asked me one simple question, “What do you want to do with it (my music)?” I must admit, I was taken aback by my response and couldn’t believe what I had said a second after I said it, which was “make money”.¬† EEEEK!!!¬† Needless to say, that was the wrong answer and I will only say that Stef and I were struggling a little financially at the time and that was weighing heavily on my heart, but there is no excuse for my response.¬† I didn’t move to Nashville at 19, ask my wife (then girlfriend) to move to Nashville away from her family and everything she’s ever known to just make money.¬† Don’t get me wrong, money is a necessary commodity and it’s my responsibility to provide for my family, but it can’t be my major motivator.¬† He helped me realize that I’ve been chasing the wrong things.¬† I had been basing every desicion I made on getting recognition, making others happy, money, and acceptance from the people who call the shots in Nashville’s music scene.¬† I’m not a country singer, yet I tried to write and sing country songs.¬† I’m not a sideman, yet I played on the side.¬† I’m not of the world, yet I hid my Christianity.¬† TRUTH – that is what I want to be about – living my life as I am, not who others think I should be.

The second person that God put in my path to help me answer the question is an amazing artist, Jenn Bostic.¬† Jenn came on the road with the tour for a couple weekends and she sang a song called “Jealous of The Angels” about her Dad who had passed away 15 years ago.¬† She was very open with her faith and her loss on the microphone, in front of complete strangers.¬† She had the courage to be who she was and did not put on a front.¬† She taught me that as Christians/secular artists, we have to be willing to speak the truth – no matter what!

So now let me try and answer the question, “What do you want to do with it?”¬† I want to create music that brings joy to peoples lives and speaks the TRUTH!!!¬† I am currently rehearsing with 2 of my best friends – Ed Hardin (Bass) and Stef’s cousin, Tommy Gravelle (Drums), and we are unofficially calling ourselves “The Adam Lee Trio” or “The Adam Lee Band” as soon as we find our fourth member.¬† I want to thank my wife Stef for all of her love and support and patience through this journey.¬† For the first time, I feel like I know where I’m going and I have a pretty good idea how to get there and I wouldn’t be here without my wonderful wife!

Till next time,

Now is the Time

30 Sep

As I’m writing this post, Adam and my cousin Tommy (amazing drummer) are doing a quick rehearsal in our basement before Adam Lee’s first show as a solo artist tonight in downtown Nashville.¬† Adam will be playing acoustic guitar and singing¬† some of his recent originals and a few covers.¬† He does a great four-chord medley of several pop songs that I hope to share on here in the near future!¬† Tommy will be playing a percussion box instrument thing (not sure of the real name) which helps to add some more groove to the songs.¬† Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to this show because I need to stay with the girls, but there will be more to come!

There have been some significant changes in the past couple months.¬† I’ve been waiting to see how they play out a little bit, but thought that it was time for an update… First of all, Emma Jacob, the artist that Adam has been playing for the past nearly four years, has decided to go to college.¬† After not being able to secure a record deal with a major label this summer, she has decided not to pursue a country music career any further.¬† Adam will officially be off the payroll at the end of next month.¬† In the meantime, he is working part-time at my cousin’s jewelry store to help earn some money while continuing to care for our girls, write songs and pursue his career.¬† The timing of this actually is working out very well, since Adam has felt that it is time for a change.¬† He wants to be able to focus on his own music career, not somebody else’s.¬† Adam has played a few writer’s rounds over the past couple weeks and has been meeting more people in town.

Another interesting development has to do with the post that I wrote a couple month’s ago called, “Musicians Wanted.”¬† Adam and I have been praying for other musicians with the right motivations and talents, to come into his life.¬† We have been praying a lot to God about the direction that Adam should go.¬† Around the time that I wrote this post, we were talking about how Adam needed to go out around town more and network with other artists and people in the industry.¬† I distinctly remember saying to him, “God is not going to drop someone off on our doorstep.”¬† Apparently, though, he does drop people off on the doorsteps of tour buses!

Within a week or so of the post that I wrote, a female artist came out on the campground tour one weekend to play a few shows.¬† After the first gig on Friday night, Adam called and told me about this musician.¬† He stated that during her set, she shared a story prior to singing her song, “Jealous of the Angels,” about how her father had passed away.¬† She talked about prayer and God in front of the audience.¬† This really struck Adam, of course.¬† In addition to learning that she is a Christian, he discovered that she had an amazing voice and is stylistically similar to him.¬† She has been told that she is “too pop for country and too country for pop.”¬† (Sound familiar?)¬† She also plays the keyboard and writes her own songs!¬† She is in her mid-twenties and is married.

Both Adam and I believe that it is not a coincidence that he met her.¬† Even if nothing more happens with them musically, I believe that it was God’s way of saying that He is listening to Adam and that He does have a plan for him.¬† They have already written a song together and he has played a writer’s round with her.¬† I was able to meet her and her husband last weekend.¬† She is very talented and is busy with her own solo career.¬† Adam would love to pursue a band project with her and she seems open to the idea, but it may prove challenging due to all she has going on with her own music.¬† (Check out Jenn Bostic.)¬† Adam is going to continue to focus on furthering his own solo career, as well, at this time.¬† She has definitely motivated him to get out there more and have confidence in what he is doing.¬† It’s easy to say, “Wow, Adam should have been playing his songs around town long before now,” but Adam has grown so much over the past year in regards to writing and interacting with the crowd to put on a good show.¬† It is all in God’s timing, and the time for Adam to put himself out there is definitely NOW!

Thank you all for your continued support of Adam Lee!¬† I hope to have some videos and pictures from the Campground tour to share soon.¬† There is only one more weekend of shows left… Have a great weekend!

Cheering for the Underdog

18 Aug

Golden Dome

Last weekend, we watched my husband’s favorite movie, Rudy, with our 2-year-old daughter.¬†¬†It is the consummate underdog story and Adam usually likes to kick off football season this way.¬† This¬†time, he was excited to expand¬†our daughter’s¬†knowledge of Notre Dame football!¬† He has already been showing her a Notre Dame board book that¬†labels the Golden Dome, Shamrock, Grotto, etc.¬†¬†Seriously!¬† And she¬†can name them all!¬†¬†For about the past year, every time¬†Adam¬†would take her down the stairs to our basement, he’d lift her up and have her¬†hit the “Play¬†Like a Champion Today” sign¬†that¬†we have hanging at the bottom of the stairwell.¬† Of course, imagine my husband’s delight when our daughter recognized the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign in the movie and immediately ran off the couch to go hit our own sign!¬† He’s also been having her “practice” field goals with¬†a big¬†inflatable football. ¬†I think she is ready for football season to begin!¬† Go Irish!

Anyway, this movie got me thinking about how others’ perseverance, determination, and hard work in the face of adversity and doubt is so inspirational!¬† Who doesn’t love a good motivational story where the unlikely champion/hero/dreamer achieves his or her goal?¬† It gives all of us hope to continue with our own pursuits, despite what others think and the obstacles that may come along.¬† Something I didn’t know until recently was that record setting, three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, Tom Brady, was a 6th round draft pick!¬† Now he’s debated as one of the best NFL quarterbacks!¬† Of course, there are lots of great underdog sports movies, such as Hoosiers, Remember the Titans and¬†The Blind Side, but there are also several other great non-sports related stories, like Temple Grandin, Patch Adams, and Erin Brockovich.¬† I think that we all love hearing about real life, everyday people using their talents and skills to do extraordinary things!

I know that Adam often feels like an underdog.¬† He’s heard so many times to “wait to have children until you make it.”¬† Adam loves our family and wouldn’t change a thing, but it is definitely more difficult to devote all the time that he would like to his music career right now.¬† He stays at home often during the week while I work to care for our daughters.¬† We don’t have extra money to put into his music, so he makes his own CD’s to sell every weekend and relies on good friends to help with recording, etc., for free.¬† He feels like higher-ups in the industry count him out as soon as they see him because he does not have the typical male country artist look.¬† Adam doesn’t quite know what genre/category his sound fits into…

Adam is going to continue to dedicate as much time as possible to his goals and continue to pray for God’s guidance.¬† He is pursuing a publishing deal and is collaborating more with other songwriters.¬† Yes, it will take a lot of work, but any progress he makes will definitely be due to God’s grace.